Jinlia - 2

Silly Prompts Dump

"You got this Ryujin. All you have to do is go to her and introduce yourself, not that hard." 

Ryujin gives herself a pep talk in a whisper she inhales and exhales in a shaky breath, checking the time on her wristwatch tapping the top of the pen on her notebook anxious, just a few more minutes and the bell will ring. 

She jumps on her toes and begins to collect her pencil and book once the bell rings, ignoring their teacher reminding them of their homework. Suddenly she feels sick scolding herself why did she listen to Joy eating taco bell before coming to school, it feels like that burrito wants to resurface. 

Stepping foot inside in the school hallway and hearing a laugh through the hallway her nausea is soon forgotten when she spots Lia displaying her charming smile that always leaves Ryujin's heart fluttering like what she feels now. 

Ryujin still remembers the day she first met her 4 months ago back to the school day. 

" I am so late!" Lia scolded herself while running towards the school for she slept through her alarm, while busy looking through her bag to find a paper for her classes, she bumps into someone, Sending her belongings to scatter on the pavement alongside other belongings mixed with hers. 

Lia kneels apologizing quickly gathering her things at a fast pace, her apologizing came to a stop locking eyes with certain captivating chestnut eyes who are mirroring her position. 

Ryujin at the moment thought she was the most beautiful girl she has ever laid eyes on, she was captivated by her from that moment on. 

Ryujin stayed speechless making the other girl blush at how much she kept staring at her. 

Lia hears the first warning bell breaking her eyes in front of her, she apologies once again and runs to the school leaving the Ryujin standing there keeping her eyes on the strange new girl running late to the school. 

Ryujin: Ok remember what you practiced. 

Ryujin takes in a deep breath gathering her courage to go and face Lia, once she took that first step her body froze her mind went blank. She forgot what she practiced earlier. 

Panic rushed over her like a crashing wave, Ryujin runs back to her locker and hide in it. 

Ryujin: Come on remember what you practice you dumb ! What was it? Hi! You look pretty today-? No that wasn't it! Hi, how was your weekend? Nooo! Dammit! 

Ryujin busy scolding herself trying to remember what she prepared, didn't notice someone walking up behind her and slapped her back with a cheerful greeting. 

Chaeryeong: Hiya Ryu! 

"OH!" Ryujin yells loudly by the sudden voice and slap on her back, causing her knees to buckle against the locker to hit her knees by the sudden scare. 

Chaeryeong: You ok bro? 

Her friend laughs out. Ryujin exits her head from her locker soothing her aching knees, she groans and faces her friend who has this annoying smirk on her face. 

Ryujin: I hate you 

Ryujin mumbles out fixing her jacket and pink hair not forgetting to send her a glare. Chaeryeong chuckles 

Chaeryeong: Oh shut up, you love me. So... 

Ryujin raises a brow in curiousness about her friend's next upcoming words. 

Chaeryeong: Care to explain why you were mumbling to yourself, while you shoved your head in your locker..? 

Ryujin didn't dare to say the reason why, she knows her friend will just endlessly. 

Chaeryeong: Did you find Narnia? 

Ryujin slaps her friend's shoulder who is a laughing mess right now. 

Ryujin: Shut up I wasn't talking to myself, I was simply...practicing! Yes practicing a presentation I have to do for English *looks away back to her locker acting like she searching for something* to myself. 

Chaeryeong: Let's say I believe you. 

Ryujin sighs shoving books she doesn't even need in her backpack, as Chaeryeong grabs onto Ryujin's shoulder after she was done giving her a side hug and kiss her cheek. 

Ryujin grimaces in disgust shoving Chaeryeong away from her, her friend just laughs enjoys teasing Ryujin. 

Chaeryeong spots Lia saying goodbye to her friend walking on the opposite side, a smirk plasters on her lips having an idea. 

Chaeryeong knows her best friend's crush is Lia, she has witnessed her friends fail attempts in trying to talk to the girl for a while, seeing her shy away or run away and in the end hear her grumble and whine how she couldn't face her of how nervous she was. 

Chaeryeong: You said you were practicing for a presentation right? 

Ryujin: Yes, why? 

Ryujin asks while focused on her books in hand, trying to avoid looking at Lia and make a fool out of herself. Chaeryeong didn't say a word and shoves Ryujin towards clueless Lia both bumping into each other, Ryujin quickly noticing the person in front of her about to fall, lets her bag fall grabs on her waist to keep from her falling. 

Ryujin stares back at Chaeryeong who is far from her reach taking her tongue out, and mouth 'Talk to her' Ryujin tilts her head looking confused. 

Lia: Umm... 

Lia's voice grabs Ryujin's attention she looks down and finally silly sees her crush in her arms and notice they are in a 'daring dip' position, Ryujin panics noticing how close they are about to kiss. 

Ryujin softly says an apology helping Lia to stand back up and help her pick the books that fell back to her. 

Ryujin: H-hi 

Ryujin says with a stutter after Lia kneels helping to pick up the mess, Lia tugs her hair behind her ear looks up at the nervous girl to give her a small smile making Ryujin's heart flutter out of control. 

Lia: Hello 

Ryujin breaks their eye contact clearing getting lost in her eyes, both stand back up after collecting their scattered items, Ryujin's lips part wanting to say something that she practiced before. 

Ryujin: I'm sorry about that...umm...I'm sorry. 

Lia: It's okay. 

The corner of Lia's lip lifts flashing her most charming smile, causing Ryujin's knees to go weak and her brain to malfunction. 

Ryujin: umm have a day good- Uh , I'm gay- No! Sorry! I meant to say Sorry- oh god. 

Lia giggles lightly seeing this side of Ryujin she found her cute. 

Ryujin: I'm just gonna go, sorry again. 

Ryujin bows to Lia as she turns back she trips on her own feet to stumble a bit, Lia calls out to ask if she is ok. 

Ryujin: I'm ok. 

Ryujin clears looks at Lia one last time briefly and takes her exit, Lia just giggles with a sigh with a wondering look on her face. 


Ryujin: I want the earth to swallow me, and never let me come out. 

Ryujin whines face covered in both her hands with her friend Chaeryeong beside her and pat her back feeling bad for her, hanging out at their favorite spot café after school. 

Joy: Could've gone worse 

Joy says who happened to be strolling the same block tagged along with the younglings while taking a big bite of her probably her fifth burrito of the day, Ryujin lifts her head from her hands and glares at her unnie with sarcasm heard in her voice. 

Ryujin: Thanks Unnie. 

Joy gives a thumbs up focused on her food, causing Ryujin to sigh in defeat. 

Chaeryeong: Look at the bright side, you got to talk to her. 

Ryujin: While making a fool out of myself, I understand if she doesn't want to talk to me again.

Hey guys this is a short Jinlia, it ain't my best work hope u enjoy it. 

Stay safe out there! 

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