T W I C E ||S H O R T S||

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Hello everyone, the story I am about to post is on my Wattpad account YadongOrYaseol decided to post it here as well. In this story I am just going to be posting very short dialogue prompts of Twice ships. English isn't my native tongue, I do apologize for my grammar errors, if you wanna request a ship with a short prompt dialogue DM me if you like to be anonymous or comment down below. Please don't take things seriously in this book, Lastly, enjoy!






T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G ! !







I just wanna say thank you for everyone who reads this story, it is not the best but i am trying to improve my writting and creativity skills to have the confidence to post my other works I have done over the years. Thanks again for stopping by and reading!

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