Jinlia - 1

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Summary: Ryujin becomes a clumsy mess. 

A short Jinlia draft ain't great oof sorry in advance. 

Yeji and Chaeryeong are in the school cafeteria feeding each other with giggles when Ryujin comes in sulking slums down on the chair making both friends stare at her in the question of the mood. 

Ryujin: Be good friends and stab me, please? 

Whined Ryujin covering her face in her palms in embarrassment, Yeji grows concerned about her friend's sudden words, and Chaeryeong drops the fork on her chili cheese fries glancing at her sulking friend. 

Chaeryeong: well hey , my day has been pretty great thanks for asking 

Chaeryeong's girlfriend slaps her shoulder with a glare, earning a yelp from the tall girl who pouts massaging her hit shoulder. 

Ryujin lifts her head to stare at Chaeryeong, Yeji gasps lightly leaving her girlfriend's side to her friend sees a faint red mark on her right temple. 

Ryujin: Good to hear you had a good day 

Ryujin says with a fake smile plastered on her face, to quickly switch back to sulking. 

Ryujin: Can you end my life already? 

Yeji: What happened Ryujin? Why do you have a red spot on ur face?  

Ryujin: I'm such an idiot. 

Ryujin whines dramatically, earning a chuckle from Chaeryeong 

Chaeryeong: Newsflash 

Deadpanned Chaeryeong going back to her eating, Yeji glares at her girlfriend to stop, making the taller sigh in defeat. 

Chaeryeong: Alright *says lowly pushing her plate to the side, her attention fully on her sulking friend.* what did your idiotic do this time? 

Ryujin uncovers her face looking forward to relieving in her head the most embarrassing moment of her life. 

Ryujin was just walking down the hall to her locker when the smell of Jisu caught her attention, oh how sweet and addicting it is. Ryunjin searched her eyes around and catch a glimpse of Jisu talking to Somi a few classes down. 

Ryunjin didn't even notice how long she stood there staring. She began to freak out when Jisu turns her eyes in her direction having a feeling someone was staring at her and she is correct. 

She caught Ryujin redhanded and Jisu flashes her a warm smile with a tiny wave, Ryujin snaps from her trance and begins to panic. She fiddles in her locker acting like she was doing something, when she closed her locker she didn't notice the locker next to her is open and slams the side of her face against it. 

She stumbles backward holding her face to bump into another student who was walking out of baking class, to stumble trying to save the cake the student around disperse not wanting to get the cake on them, Ryujin witnesses the cake land on Jisu's clothes and a bit on her hair. 

Ryujin just wants to bury herself and die. 

Chaeryeong holds her laugh Yeji glares at her girlfriend mouthing her to 'stop it', Chaeryeong clears , putting up an act of being sweet. 

Chaeryeong: I'm sorry Ryujin...that... I wasn't there with my phone to capture it 

Chaeryeong couldn't help herself to friend who groans covering her face deeper in her arms onto the table. While Yeji continues to scold her Girlfriend, Ryujin's nose twitches by that sweet addictive smell she knows very well her heart accelerated one her wolf is excited, and two she was nervous to face her after what happened. 

While the couple is talking within themselves, Ryujin looks around and finally spots the source of her clumsiness. 

Jisu enters the school cafeteria with fresh new clothes with Somi chatting casually, Ryujin didn't notice how long she was staring till she saw Jisu look in her direction. Ryujin's eyes go wide in a panic not sure what to do her body moves aimlessly by accident spilling a drink her friends were drinking on her lap when she tried to stand to end up slipping on the floor.  

The entire cafeteria went silent Yeji and Chaeryeong's bickering came to an end both unmoved by the scene in front of them, Yeji was first to react by offers to help her stand. But Ryujin declines it standing back up herself, brushing off the invisible dirt off her clothes, and walking out of the cafeteria as if nothing happened. 

The students around began to murmur but later continued to do what they were doing. The other soccer player's friends leave their food and follow Ryujin out.

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