Minayeon - 1

Silly Prompts Dump

Nayeon: Urgh I'm so hungry~ 

The oldest grumbles like a 5-year-old holding her stomach with a pout her head placed on her desk, the other workers surrounding the office hear her and giggle by the cuteness, Mina just rolls her eyes being partnered with Im Nayeon for 5 years has grown annoyed by her act of childless. Besides all that annoying act Mina admits she is a damn good detective. 

Mina: Why dont you go to the cafeteria and eat something. 

Said the Japanese without tearing away her eyes from her documents, not able to see Nayeon lift her head stare at Mina with her pout growing even more than before. 

Nayeon: Their food ain't good. 

Whines the oldest making Mina sigh still not looking at her. 

Mina: Go to the vending machine down the hall eat some junk food 

Nayeon shrugs her shoulders half-heartedly focused with her pen in hand. 

Nayeon: Nah, dont feel like it today. 

Mina: Then go to Kim & Hwang's place, you like their food. Especially their hamburgers. 

Mina: Too lazy 

The moment came when the Japanese woman looks up from her papers and just stare at her partner with a 'Your unbelievable' expression on her face, earning a chuckle from Nayeon and sit properly now facing Mina. 

Mina: Go somewhere else to be annoying, I got tons of work to do- go bother Momo she'll be happy to eat with you. She'll eat anything. 

Mina lastly says towards her partner reaching her limit, returning to her papers. Another pout emerges on Nayeon's plum lips looking bored. 

Barely a minute passed and her stomach grumbled having her groan, she sighs beginning to be dramatic which makes Mina stop jotting down on the paper again, and avert only her eyes towards the blond who is doing aegyo. 

Nayeon: What should I ever do? I'm so hungry~ 

Mina cringed she hated aegyo, especially from her partner. 

Mina: Yah 

Nayeon: If I dont eat I'll just become frail 

Mina: Im warning you stop it Im 

Nayeon: If only there was someone who would help me-- 

Mina: FINE! FINE! I'll get your damn food! If it means shutting you I'll do it! 

Nayeon smiles im victory. 

Nayeon: Hehe, thank you~ you the best Myoui. 

Mina just waves her hand in annoyance to dismiss what she said and walks away to the elevator. An "Ahhh" Escapes her lips once she leans back on her chair still beaming, till her chair makes a crack sound in her face changed from happy to scared. 

Nayeon: Oh ! 

The chair breaks and she falls back with her legs up in the air. 

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