Chaennie -1

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10/19/21, 8:30 pm. 

Rosé returns to the dorm after a long day at the company working, once stepping inside her dorm the smell of food welcoming her. 

Rosé: I'm hom- 

A hand instantly covers Rosé's mouth to shut her up. Rosé thinking it's an intruder. About to attack whoever it is spoke making Rosé stop. 

Jisoo: Shhhh it's me, Rosie 

Rosé's eyes open wide and look behind her and sees Jisoo ready to scold the oldest as to why she pulled that stunt, she sees horror in her eyes. 

Rosé: Unnie what is going on? 

Rosé questions lowly and Jisoo points towards the couch with a shaky hand. 

Rosé follows her hand where she points and sees Jennie sleeping on the couch, Rosé silently gasps understanding now without tearing her eyes away from the sleeping figure she raises a question in a hushed tone.

Rosé: Status? 

Jisoo: She came home, she wanted to wait for you. But fell asleep after 30 minutes of watching tv. 

Rosé: And Lisa? 

Jisoo: Taking a shower. 

Rosé: And Jennie is still asleep? 

Jisoo: Took a lot of convincing for Lisa not to prank her when she got home, I dont know how long it'll last though. Lisa did mention there's a show you both want to watch at 9, but as u can see Jennie fell asleep with the remote under her  

Rosé bites her lip understanding. 

Rosé: . how do we get the remote? Without getting Jennie going Godzilla on us? 

Jisoo: I don't know I have been brainstorming since she fell asleep two hours ago but nothing.

By that information it surprised Rosé by accident raising her voice, Jisoo panics covering the younger's mouth. 

A whimper is heard from the sleeping figure, both girls turn their heads eyes widen scared of waking up Jennie. A relief of breath escape their lips once Jennie didn't wake up, Rosé raises the same question again in a hushed tone.

Rosé: For two hours? 

Jisoo: Hey I value my life! I know better than waking up you're fiance. And I know better than letting my girlfriend come up with a plan. 


Both Jisoo and Rosé now stand looking down at Jennie trying to come up with an idea, but nothing. 

Jisoo out of nervousness bites her nails.

Jisoo: Any ideas? 

Rosé: about I roll her over slowly and you snatch the remote from under her . 

Jisoo: Come on, your supposed to be the smart one here, we all know Jennie will wake up by any sudden movements.

Rosé: Ok how do you propose we get the remote from under her ?! 

Lisa: Easy. 

A third voice interrupts the two girls and sees Lisa freshly out of the shower. 

Jisoo: Lisa no offense baby, last time your plan and backfired-big time. 

Rosé: No, no more of your "amazing stealth" my paid for it last time. 

Rosie remembers showing a grimaced face rubbing her unconsciously, from what Jennie did in their bedroom that night.

Lisa shows a smirk. 

Lisa: Your served us well for all of us. Trust me my plan upgraded. 

Both girls hesitated to listen to Lisa's plan, Rosé eyes widen once she saw Jisoo about to give in when Lisa began to do her puppy eyes. 

Rosé: Jisoo no! 

Jisoo: Whaaat?? You know I can't resist her puppy eyes. 

Lisa giggles in victory once Jisoo said those words, Rosé sighs knowing they are doomed. 

Jisoo: Ok, what is this plan of yours? 

Rosé: Jisoo! She's a moron! 

Lisa: Excuse me. I am not. 

Jisoo: We running out of options! 

Lisa: Ok here is the plan...

Jisoo and Rosé with no choice unconciously lean closer wanting to hear her plan, Lisa smiles and say her plan.

Lisa: We use stealth, just use really really really fast stealth.

Silence filled the room after the plan was said, Jisoo looks at her girlfriend in disappointment. 

Jisoo: Yup your right, she a moron we're doomed.

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