I Can Fly The Sky

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In Korea National Sport University nobody really paid that much attention on the badminton club, but that was until a quiet and charming transferee who had impeccable skills at handling a racket named Kang Seulgi, joined the small bunch and revived all the hope within the dying team.


Hey guys! It's my very first story here in aff, so there's a lot of new things for me to discover, but that won't stop me from writing this because it's been stuck in my head for a while now. I've always wanted to write a story about Seulrene, but I would always hesitate because I don't think my writing skills would do the ideas in my head any justice. But I finally got the final push I needed after watching the last episode of the sports themed kdrama, Racket Boys (so don't be surprised if there are minor similarities).

English isn't my native language, so pardon me if you notice some errors along the way, and I don't really consider myself as a phenomenal writer so please don't expect too much lol, for this is also mostly just for fun.

Everything in this story is fictitious and is all made by the author's imagination. The story does not necessarily reflect the characters' personalities in real life.

And if by any chance somebody actually sees this, I hope you enjoy my story!

— A




P.S: It's a little late but while re-reading the published chapters, I changed it to highschool instead of collegiate sports to fit the Korean school system. So basically their ages here are 16–18.
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