C3: (Un)lucky

I Can Fly The Sky
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Joohyun always knew that their university was humongous, but she was getting reminded of that fact again right at this very moment as she gripped her phone with the map of the school flashing on the small screen.

Gymnasiums and club rooms were littered all throughout the school grounds, and unfortunately theirs weren't in close proximity with the one the badminton club uses.

It didn't help that Joohyun rarely goes out of the dorms. She usually leaves her room only when there's practice or class, and maybe on special occasions where she's out with the team or when the situation is important enough. So that was exactly why she was still looking for directions that lead to the aforementioned place despite being enrolled here for quite some time.

So that, or maybe she was just naturally passive about these kind of things. Though she can almost hear Sooyoung insisting that it was her forgetfulness instead, and that it was another sign of her 'old age'.

'Again with the old age. Damn you, Park Sooyoung.'

Joohyun internally rolled her eyes at the thoughts emerging in her head due to Sooyoung being the teasing that she is. She can be forgetful sometimes yes, but she wasn't old by any means. One of these days she was really going to have Sooyoung stay on the bench for a whole set, maybe that would teach the extremely competitive girl (not more than her though) a lesson.

Joohyun continued to chant the directions inside her head as she weaved her way through the buildings, and of course without missing the usual looks she was receiving from the students roaming around.

It can't be helped, everyone recognized the jacket that she was wearing, with the name BAE J.H. engraved at the back of it with bold letters. The unique touch of a single white strip on the upper part of the jacket's right sleeve only reserved for captains was there too, but even without these surely anyone could still recognize that face.

She was one of the most renowned athletes in KNSU, but that wasn't enough and she had to be intelligent and crazily gorgeous too. They thought it was unfair, and maybe God really did have favorites.

So the students wondered why the Bae Joohyun decided to grace them with her presence today, especially when she's rarely seen in this part of the university since she mostly stays on the left wing of the campus or at the main building.

Joohyun was going to ignore them like she always does and go on her merry way, but three figures standing among the said spectators caught her eye, causing her to halt.

The captain of the volleyball team immediately treaded towards them after a few more seconds of inspection, and when she was close enough she guesses that she caught their attention because they were now facing her too. When she was finally face to face with the three she knew that she couldn't be mistaken, for they were wearing the badminton club's jacket.

Joohyun thanked the heavens that they probably already waited for her at the entrance, so she didn't have to actually enter the building and check every club room.

Her worn-out figure would be too lazy to still do that.

The captain noted that there were two girls, both probably around her height while the only male figure stood behind by their backs.

"You guys are from the badminton club, right?" Joohyun offered them a small polite smile as soon as they finished bowing to each other.

"Yes, we are. Son Seungwan by the way, captain of the girls badminton team," Seungwan gave her a bright smile in contrast to her more reserved one, and reached out a hand with Joohyun immediately shaking it. The other captain then gestured towards her companions, "This here is Kim Yerim, and the guy behind us is Park Jimin."

The three briefly exchanged polite smiles, and Joohyun figured that she should introduce herself too, "My name is Bae Joohyun, from the girls volleyball club."

Yerim chuckled lightly, "We've heard of the name, sunbaenim, I mean who doesn't know you."

It was more of a statement rather than a question, and it made Joohyun laugh ever so slightly, "Anyways, our coach asked me to get the keys which I believe you have?"

"Right, it's over here." Seungwan swiftly reached inside one of her jacket pockets and immediately produced a shiny silver key, which she then handed to her fellow captain.

Joohyun was about to open to thank them again for taking care of it, when she suddenly heard voices talking among themselves from behind their backs which caused her to stop her actions.

"What is Bae Joohyun doing with them?"

The volleyball captain didn't miss the malicious tone in the person's voice when they mentioned the last word.

"I know right? It's weird to see them together. A star talking to the forgotten club."

They weren't even trying to lower their voices, and she didn't know if they were doing it on purpose or not.

But nonetheless Joohyun's ears twitched as she heard them laughing afterwards. She turned back to face the people she was just conversing with to gauge their reactions, but she only found herself raising a single brow with how nonchalant they remained in front of her.

And that wasn't a good sign, because you were normally supposed to be upset when you hear those kind of words being thrown at you.

Joohyun was about to turn around once again to tell them off, but she suddenly felt a hand stopping her. The girl glanced back at the badminton players and found Yerim shaking her head with a smile.

"You should get going too, sunbaenim. We don't want to keep you any longer."

It was safe to say that Joohyun was honestly curious about their actions, why they acted like how they just did but she didn't let it show, instead she remained silent with her thoughts until the male badminton player, Jimin, spoke up for the first time.

"We assume that you're gonna lock the gym now, right? And we're actually on our way to go to the main building." Jimin started in a polite tone, "We're all going in the same direction anyways so maybe we can all get going now?"

Joohyun nodded wordlessly at his suggestion, her eyes still secretly analyzing their behavior.

Soon enough the four of them went on their way to their destinations, and as they walked they still kept their distance. It was only natural because of the fact that they weren't even acquaintances due to being from two totally different clubs—and because Joohyun was well, Joohyun—they kept a small gap with the star athlete being ahead only by a few steps.

Her face on the outside was stoic, but it was a whole other story on the inside.

The volleyball player thought that it was odd. She was usually oblivious about the things that are happening outside her team and sport, but nevertheless news about the accomplishments other clubs achieve still reaches her ears in one way or another, and now that she comes to think of it she rarely hears anything about the badminton club.

And with the scenario that she just witnessed earlier, it was clear that the other students were looking down on them more often than not because of that.

Meanwhile with their reactions, she can't form any other reason in her head other than the fact that they were probably already used to it after hearing it time and time again.

Joohyun presumed that it was inev
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P.S: It's a little late but while re-reading the published chapters, I changed it to highschool instead of collegiate sports to fit the Korean school system. So basically their ages here are 16–18.
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