Chapter 5

Only If You Knew
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Remember she said doing work together and being alone with Son Seungwan is not good for her poor heart?

Well, she should added for her damn mind too.

Because right now, Joohyun felt she's already losing all the sanity in her body as she deathly glances at Seungwan who's so busy playing with her phone while sitting on top of the sink.

The punishment is given to both of them so of course they two should do it together but in this case, seems like Joohyun is the one who do all the work as she already finish wash two toilet but her partner still sitting at the same exact place since earlier without moving a bit at all.

To be honest she didn't care either Seungwan wants to help or not because hey, she's Bae Joohyun for the Pete's sake. A small girl with big dream. Washing toilet or doing not so charity work like this is just like a small piece of to her, but when remember she has to keep doing this for the whole month because of the other girl's unfiltered mouth, she hold back her kindness.

Also, she still can't forget the revenge she has on Seungwan.

Patience is already nowhere to be found, Joohyun throw away the toilet brush loudly on the floor before going standing straight face to face in front of the short haired girl who's eyes still didn't leave her smartphone as if she doesn't care about the loud sounds Joohyun just made earlier.

How dare?!

Hands on her side waist, Joohyun open , "Yah! how long are you going to sit there watching me do all the work alone?"

Seungwan stopped playing and meeting her eyes, "What make you think I'm watching you when I literally just focus on reading this?" she showed her screen phone that's full of mathematics notes.

"T- that's not what I mean," Joohyun bit her lip feeling embarrassed, "I mean- why'd you reading in the toilet?! there's so many other place here."

"You mean, y

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