Chapter 6

Only If You Knew
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Joohyun POV

2nd March 2020. Today is my very first day at Revel University after almost one week convincing my parents to have a trust on me that I can manage myself to be more independent and after one month going in and out of the education department building everyday just to get an approved for my transferred from my old university in Daegu to here, legally.

Yes, to legally change university to somewhere outside of Daegu really need some times and a lot patience especially since I already studied for 2 years in my old university. It's not easy as what I thought, really.

But it more hard for me to completely moving here alone in this busy city without my parents as they disagree to follow me because they didn't want leave my late grandmother's one and only left treasure; the strawberry farm. They really loves and take care of that farm till they can't even leave it for at least one day. It is wrong for me to sometimes felt jealous over those field that filled with red strawberry because they got more attention from my parents than me, their own child?

Well that's not the main point right now. However, I'd decided to live independently when I turned 23 this year and so glad that even my parents was hesitate at first to let their only child live 237 kilometers away from them, they still allow me with condition I'll take a very good a care of myself.

Having their trust is already enough for me, I couldn't ask for more so I'm not going to do something that will make me regret or my parents ashamed. I comes here to study and go back to my home bringing a degree certification. That's my goal.

So here I am, standing awkwardly in front of the locker as I did not have any idea where is my classroom direction, like– no one has told me! when I arrived yesterday, this one girl approach me only to show my room and then she just left me there. I didn't even know what's her name and haven't meet my roommate yet.

I know I'd said that I want to live independently, but I didn't mean to be really independent on my first day.

As there were many students passing by to go to their respective class and just minding their own business, I couldn't help but to felt tsunami in my stomach. I'm so nervous you know, like what should I do now? where did I need to go? why no one has notice me yet?

I think I'd really look like a lost kid right now.

“Uh-huh,” I quickly turn my head around to meet the person who clearing their throat at my behind.

It's a small figure girl who's in the same height as me. She look nice, maybe I can ask her about my class direction.

I was about to ask but confuse come at me first as this girl just looking at me like she want to say something but she hold it.

And I'm really can't understand what does it mean.

I heard she sigh, “I want to open my locker, you're blocking it.”

Yes, what a way to embarrassing myself. I felt like I want to hide myself in the locker right now.

“Oh, I'm really sorry,” I said, immediately move aside to give more space to this girl.

I tried to not looking at her because heck, I might labelled as creepy if I do. She only take a few books in the locker and then closed it without utter a single word, I noticed she was about to g

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