Chapter 1

Only If You Knew
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“And the one who got first place in our class this time is..”

One with heart beating fast as running a 10km marathon while the other one with confident smile, focusing on what's their teacher's next words.

“...goodjob Ms Bae! you got first place two times in row now right, congratulations. I hope you can maintain your excellentness until the next exam-”

Seungwan suddenly slammed the table with both of her hands angrily which made the whole class who were busy cheering just now, looking at her weirdly. But her own eyes immediately went to the one and only Bae Joohyun aka her long-time rival who's also looking at her but with a victory smirk.

For the second time this year she's been defeated by Joohyun in their exam and this time she's no longer care to hide how she felt. Annoyed with that evil face, Seungwan slightly stood up without breaking the eye contact.

If stare could murder, pretty sure Bae Joohyun is already dead by now.

“Ms Son? is there anything wrong?” thanks to her teacher's loud voice interrupting their sweet time, Seungwan finally look away and scoffed.

“I wanna go to the bathroom.” as usual, the same old excuse.

“Yeah, sure you may go. But next time don't do that again though, I'm worried I may have an heart attack.” Mrs Kim said jokingly which in a very bad timing because Seungwan just clenched her fist before leaving the class without looking at anyone else.

“That nerd acting out like a weirdo again.” Jackson, the guy sitting at the back said as soon as the latter's sight disappear from classroom.

“Joohyun got the first place again, of course she would pissed off.” Mark replied with loud laugh.

“She really couldn't accept there's someone better than her huh.”

“She's literally obsessed with exam and high marks bro, what do you expect.”

“Just see she'll tattoo her notes on forehead and lock herself in library again.” the whole class is laughing knowing that Seungwan; the one who always got first place would probably study harder again to claim back her spot.

“Okay class, enough talking. I'm still here everyone!”

“Joohyun, be careful. She might come at you after this.” ignoring their teacher, San E burst into laughter and do a high five with Jackson who's sitting in front of him.

While everyone was giggling over whatever those dudes were joking about, there's certain person who just sitting quietly at her table with a smile plastered on her face.

The devil has been defeated. Again.



“Wait wait, so basically you're in the first place and she's the second? and you're actually just ahead her by one mark?!” Joy asked in almost shouting tone (unfortunately Joohyun loves today's cafeteria menu so she didn't throw her foods at Joy just to make her quiet)

“Can't you be more louder? why don't you use microphone instead?” Joohyun said before began to eat her precious tteokbokki and the younger girl just mouthed 'sorry unnie' then continue to eat as well.

“No but seriously unnie, I think you're very lucky. No one has defeat the greatest "Son Seungwan" all this time and you just did it not only once but twice..” Joy looking at her in disbelief, “Although the difference only one or two marks, but still tho I'm so proud.”


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