Chapter 2

Only If You Knew
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“Bae Joohyun.” A low but sharp voice was heard.

“What do you want again?” Joy said, slightly feeling annoyed with the sudden interrupted.

“Why'd you do that? what's your intention huh?” Ignoring the taller girl, Seulgi asked with her eyes never leave Joohyun's.

“Girl, what do you mean. Stop bothering us and go away, can you?”

Seulgi scoffed and look at Joy with challenging look, “As I know, I am only talking to Bae Joohyun. Didn't knew if there's two Bae Joohyun here?”

“That's so rude of you motherfuc–”

“Park Sooyoung.” Joohyun said with stern voice as she gave a warning to not cause any mess here before turning around her whole body and attention to Seulgi, “What do you want from us this time? what did I do?”

“Oh don't act like you don't know, Ms.”

“No. I seriously has no idea what are you talking about. Mind to share?”

“It is because of Seungwan.”


Right, forgot to mention. Despite her weirdness and y icy looks, Seungwan manage to get one friend in the university whose none other than Kang Seulgi; the captain of their university's so called powerful netball team. They always seen together since the first year and back then there's a rumors saying that Seulgi wants to be Seungwan's friend only because she's rich and she was challenged by her teammate if she can ever get under Seungwan's pants, which unfortunately, very unfortunately not true.

Seulgi is really Seungwan's true friend and her fangirls already accepting the fact that they lose their beloved "bear" to a weirdo. It's just some of them still hating on Seungwan as they thought because of her, their Seulgi also starting to become a weirdo.

“I saw what are you trying to do, Ms Bae Joohyun-ssi.”

Joohyun let out a small chuckles, “Is that so. I didn't try to do anything though?”

This time, it's Seulgi's turn to chuckles sarcastically and shook her head multiple times. “Asking people here and there what's Seungwan weakness, stole her note, sabotaging her studies just for the sake of making her lose... is that what you call didn't try to do anything though?”

Joohyun gulps. No no, she can't get exposed like this.

Just when she was about to defends herself, Joy already more faster, “Joohyun studying hard every night to get what she's now and you just had the audacity to accuse her doing something she didn't do. Can you tell that friend of yours to move on and just accept she lose? and also told her to not send you anymore, why can't she face us by herself?”

Gosh, this is why Joy is my friend. Joohyun thought.

Joy and Seulgi has been each other enemies even since before the Joohyun-Seungwan competition. They started become rivals when Seulgi got chosen as captain of netball team instead of Joy even though she's more deserve that position and Joy got picked as dance teacher even though Seulgi's dancing is much better than her. So when they knows their best friend also have problems with their rival's best friend, of course they would involved too.

“Seungwan has nothing to do with this and she never send me to anyone. I came here by myself because this friend of yours is reaching the limits.”

“And what, studying hard every night? what kind of bull is that!” Seulgi laugh loudly till some of students at the cafeteria turn their head towards them.

“Can you shut your mouth stupid? whatever you says, Joohyun is still on the top of class and that friend of yours is below my friend.” Joy stood up, and now facing the monolid-eyes girl with only long table in the middle as wall.

“Well, your frien

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