Chapter 4

Only If You Knew
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Joohyun was late for her class today.

It is all Joy's fault for forcing her watching The Penthouse on Netflix together last night. It's all started promise only to watch one episode but she couldn't hold herself anymore so it continued until the last episode and even until the next season.

She had barely sleep last night as they both going to bed at 4am and has to wake up at such early in the morning.

Right, this is all Joy's fault. She's the one who has to put blame on.

With a quick step, Joohyun hurriedly ran towards the university building which is only two block away from her dorm. Now she has to blame her short legs because of them, she's running as slow as snail and will late to her classroom. Remembered the last time she's coming late, she given punishment to wash the toilet for a week and how strict her lecturer is when it's coming to his students' attendance made she shivering in nervous.

As she entered the building, she make her way straight towards classroom which on the second floor without looking anywhere. What's she thinking right now is just to arrived at class as soon as possible.

But seems like fate has another plan today as she accidentally bump into someone that made all hers and unfamiliar books from another person scattered on the floor.

“ damn it.” Joohyun mumbles under her breathe as she immediately knee down to pick up her books.

“I'm sorry, I was rushed to my class right now. I'm very sorry.” she apologize without even bother to look up at the person she bumped. Heck she was late for her class, there's no way she will politely bow multiple times and smile sweetly.

“My books.” Seungwan blurt out almost robotically and Joohyun just froze at her place after hearing the voice she did not expecting to heard in the morning like this or.. in the situation like this.

Weird. She thought.

Call her psychopath, but Joohyun always watched the shorter girl almost everyday and noticed Seungwan is the kind type of nerd student who stick like a glue with book all the times and always come early to class. She never has been late before even for a minute, so seeing her outside the classroom at this hour where mostly class already started, made Joohyun gains tiny curiosity.

Why is she here though? hmm something shifted-

“Are you going to kneeling down there until tomorrow?” Joohyun's thought being interrupted by a small cough followed by a robotic voice, again.

“What? what do you want. Go away.” she replied, obviously didn't understand why the other girl still standing there and looking at her with unreadable expression.

“I said, my books.”

Her eyebrows knitted in confused, “Huh?” her eyes then follow where the latter's index finger going until it stopped at the books surround her.



Did she wants me to pick up all this for her?

“Wae?” she stare in disbelief, “Why can't you pick it up by yourself? I see you have two hands.”

Seungwan raise her eyebrows with challenging look, “You didn't use your eyes when walking that you bumped into me and caused my books to falls. So it's technically your fault.”

“And?? still you can just pick up your books by yourself right?”

“I don't want to dirt my clothes.”

What the ?

“I am not your slave.”

“Didn't say you was though?”

Joohyun bit her cheeks from inside, “Then ask me nicely. I don't listen to any command from anyone.”

There is suddenly a silence. A very awkward one that made Joohyun mentally slap for spitting such a nonsense like that.

Just when she was about to stood up and ran away as far as she can, she felt the other girl's presence slowly crouching down beside her and picking up all the thick books without even spare a bit glare at her.

In the blink of an eye, Joohyun found herself kneeling in the middle of corridor all alone as she stares at Seungwan's back slightly walking away from her.

I thought she said she don't want to dirt her clothes?

This is sure one of those reasons why mostly students at the university called her weird. Not only because her obsession to being top in everything, but also the way she talks which almost sounds like a robot and her habit of walking away whenever someone was talking nicely to her.

But Joohyun didn't found it's weird, she just think that the glasses girl is only some cute rude arrogant rich spoiled kid who thinks she can bu

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