chapter 5. (wenjoy/joyri)

rental [rewrite coming soon!]
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about yeri,

she liked a girl too but she had only told her best friend irene about it, no one else.

she had been planning to confess to the girl

but today,

she got a girlfriend.

her name is im nayeon. she is yeri's friend and she's popular in the school, so she got a lot of other friends too. just like how joy got feelings for yeri, they also had a class together last year. they had a class this year too. they are quite close friends already and yeri doesn't want to break their friendship if nayeon reject her but she still gathers up the courage to confess to nayeon today. but when she saw nayeon at school today, she is with another girl.


-"hi nayeon!" yeri said

she was normal until she saw a girl with her

-"hi yeri! meet my girlfriend momo!" nayeon said and introduce her girlfriend to yeri (yes i am a namo shipper and what about it)

-"hi yeri," momo said


that's when yeri's heart broke into a million pieces.

she liked nayeon for quite long, like almost a year already just to see nayeon with another girl. still, she is happy for them and doesn't want to break her and nayeon's friendship. but she is really broken seeing them.

nayeon has a cheerful personality. she has a really pretty smile that yeri was always in love with. she can light up yeri's mood in a short time. and she also gives a lot of advices to yeri. sometimes she is very unpredictable but yeri likes that. 

at this moment, she just goes wherever her feet leads her to.

when she was walking, joy caught her so she followed yeri


-"yeri where are y

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Chapter 24: No worries Author-nim. Study is Top Priority.
wish you well and happiness 🐻🐰😌🙏
Oct_13_wen_03 #2
Chapter 24: Hey ,just focus on yourself alright u don't have to put pressure on yourself,study is important but don't forget to have enough rest ,do whatever make u feel happy and about your mental health I hope u the best for u , it's hard but please hang in there , please take care and stay safe ❤️
Chapter 25: Welcome back author-nim! Twitter au sounds good and fitting for the plot :D I'll support whatever you decide to do :)
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Chapter 24: Redread^^
Take care author nim, please stay safe ❤
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update please author nim 🥺❤
Chapter 24: :(
Chapter 24: Thank you for giving us closure!
Take care of yourself, studies first!
Chapter 23: why can't yeri be a bridge instead of playing lies one after the other?😐
Chapter 21: Lol these two, piling up lies after lies 😂 i wonder how things will go. It looks like Irene needs to feel the hurt or longing, or whatever it is, first to realize what she truly feels lol
Chapter 22: she's slowly realizing that she also likes seulgi hehe