chapter 16.

rental [rewrite coming soon!]
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joy and seulgi went to sleep.


the next day, they prepare to go to school.

seulgi was planning to ask outside the campus before school about the slumber party but she didn't saw them so she decided to text them, irene and yeri


seulgi: yeri

yei: im near the school now whats up


'she's near the school i can ask later' seulgi thought.


seulgi: irene

irene: oh hey

seulgi: can i ask something?

irene: i'm near the school gate where are you?

irene: if you want to ask directly 

seulgi: i'm near the school gate to

irene: saw you!

seulgi: where-


seulgi puts her phone down. irene was in front of her. 'she looks happy?' seulgi thought.


-"what do you wanna ask?" the shorter girl asked

-" you wanna come to my slumber party this weekend?" seulgi asked back

-"sure, i can take a few hours off for it," irene said

-"okay..seriously why do you work so much?" seulgi asked all of a sudden. 

-"to pay my bills. my parents do pay the tuition but i don't live with them so i have to work to have money," she sighed then explained

-"so you have to pay your own bills?" seulgi asked

-"yes," irene nodded


'oh i think i made her normal again...she was happy..'



-"oh okay," seulgi said

-"anyway who else did you invite on the party?" irene changed the topic

-"my best friends, and also yeri," she said

-"oh, joy and wendy, right?"



-"what party?!?" a voice came up behind them

 it's yeri.


-"oh it's my slumber party! you see i invited you," seulgi said

-"okay, i'll come," yeri said

-"okay," seulgi said. yeri left for breakfast

; since she goes to the school first because she knew seulgi has to say something to her so she just meet her in person.


-"it's quite early should i go to class yet?" irene asked

-"well..if you want to!" seulgi said

-"okay, have you ate?" irene asked

-"yes," seulgi said

-"oh same, i guess let's talk since we don't have math today..or do you wanna go?" irene asked

-"no, you know let's just talk, none of us wants to go, we should stop with the going thing," seulgi said

-"yeah okay," irene said


-"okay, seriously have you ever ask your parents why they don't help pay your bills?" seulgi asked and she seems really worried. irene decided to open up about all those things.

-"they live in my hometown," irene said

-"what does that have to do with paying

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Chapter 24: No worries Author-nim. Study is Top Priority.
wish you well and happiness 🐻🐰😌🙏
Oct_13_wen_03 #2
Chapter 24: Hey ,just focus on yourself alright u don't have to put pressure on yourself,study is important but don't forget to have enough rest ,do whatever make u feel happy and about your mental health I hope u the best for u , it's hard but please hang in there , please take care and stay safe ❤️
Chapter 25: Welcome back author-nim! Twitter au sounds good and fitting for the plot :D I'll support whatever you decide to do :)
Oct_13_wen_03 #4
Chapter 24: Redread^^
Take care author nim, please stay safe ❤
Oct_13_wen_03 #5
update please author nim 🥺❤
Chapter 24: :(
Chapter 24: Thank you for giving us closure!
Take care of yourself, studies first!
Chapter 23: why can't yeri be a bridge instead of playing lies one after the other?😐
Chapter 21: Lol these two, piling up lies after lies 😂 i wonder how things will go. It looks like Irene needs to feel the hurt or longing, or whatever it is, first to realize what she truly feels lol
Chapter 22: she's slowly realizing that she also likes seulgi hehe