chapter 19.

rental [rewrite coming soon!]
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-"yes, kang seulgi. yes."


wendy and joy clapped. irene did too after a few seconds.

-"congratulations!" irene forced a smile on her confusing feelings.

-"yes! congratulations!" the other two said it out loud.


-"dude, are you actually terrible at acting like irene said?" yeri whispered 

-"i don't know, i really was to her though. maybe this counts as practice for my future confession? the tone and eye contact at least," seulgi replied

-"oh i'm offended. you use me for practice-" yeri joked.

-"i'm really terrible when it comes to acting, but i guess i took this too seriously. plus irene makes me panic by just looking at me-" seulgi said

-"oh you are too in love with her, i'm scared-" yeri said 

-"well i guess you'd make a nice distraction for some time-" seulgi said

-"distraction my , i'd have to keep her away from you-" yeri joked

-"no don't," seulgi said

-"wait UHM-"


wendy and joy is literally kissing when irene is sitting very far


-"thank god," yeri said

-"i swear to god DONT DO IT SHE MIGHT NOT FEEL ANYTHING YET," seulgi said

-"okay but poor her, she's being a fifth wheel-" yeri said

-"yes in what everyone else but us sees," seulgi said

-"you know this is kind of awkward. irene might want to leave any time soon if we don't do something because she doesn't look well and THEY ARE NOT GONNA MAKE OUT, RIGHT?" yeri pointed at wendy and joy

-"shut up- just let them kiss for a little bit then we'll watch a movie, maybe some movies" seulgi said


-"oh guys! sorry if you see it," wendy said

-"like we would watch you two kiss for like a few minutes straight," seulgi said

-"oh yes, very straight minutes. SERIOUSLY THAT WASN'T STRAIGHT ANYWAY," yeri said

-"oh now what's next?" joy asked

-"movies!" seulgi said

-"irene?" seulgi walked to the girl who seems to be in her own world. what is she thinking?

meanwhile, in irene's mind

it's a scenario that no one would ever imagine, that she imagined it. 

seulgi and her, holding hands. they are walking on the beach, on the sunset

but then yeri pops up. the next thing she hears seulgi's voice in the real life.


-"huh.." irene replied

-"let's go watch movies!" seulgi said

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Chapter 24: No worries Author-nim. Study is Top Priority.
wish you well and happiness 🐻🐰😌🙏
Oct_13_wen_03 #2
Chapter 24: Hey ,just focus on yourself alright u don't have to put pressure on yourself,study is important but don't forget to have enough rest ,do whatever make u feel happy and about your mental health I hope u the best for u , it's hard but please hang in there , please take care and stay safe ❤️
Chapter 25: Welcome back author-nim! Twitter au sounds good and fitting for the plot :D I'll support whatever you decide to do :)
Oct_13_wen_03 #4
Chapter 24: Redread^^
Take care author nim, please stay safe ❤
Oct_13_wen_03 #5
update please author nim 🥺❤
Chapter 24: :(
Chapter 24: Thank you for giving us closure!
Take care of yourself, studies first!
Chapter 23: why can't yeri be a bridge instead of playing lies one after the other?😐
Chapter 21: Lol these two, piling up lies after lies 😂 i wonder how things will go. It looks like Irene needs to feel the hurt or longing, or whatever it is, first to realize what she truly feels lol
Chapter 22: she's slowly realizing that she also likes seulgi hehe