chapter 10,

rental [rewrite coming soon!]
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seulgi woke up from her sleep.

what happened? she thought. all she remember was she fell asleep last night when she was saying something but what was she even saying?

she just dressed up and go to school.

ah, no math with irene today. she thought again and went to her first class, which is science

she saw a familiar face. kim yerim.


-"yeri?" she went to the girl

-"oh hey seulgi!" yeri said

-"i didn't knew we had this class together-" seulgi said

-"oh same. i guess we both don't befriend all of our classmates," yeri said

"anyways how is it going with irene?" she asked


now seulgi remembered what happened last night when she heard irene's name being said. especially, by yeri.

last night, it started from knowing that joy saw her and wendy and joy both knew what happened in her "errand".

texting yeri, knowing irene's ideal type which is a warm person.

and the worst part was she accidentally admitted to wendy that she has a crush on irene. she still wonders what the other girl was thinking when she admitted it.

so what i was saying last night when i was almost went to sleep must be "warm" or "warm person". maybe both, seulgi thought.


seulgi stopped thinking and replied to yeri. 


-"i don't know. haven't talked to her since after i picked her up after her shift," seulgi shrugged

-"oh okay," yeri nodded

-"will it be weird if i suddenly shows a lot of affection to her?" seulgi asked

-"kind of, it's best to do it slowly," yeri replied

-"what if it doesn't work?" seulgi asked, again.

-"hmm let me think," yeri said

"oh , the teacher is coming. talk to you later!" yeri turned to the board

-"okay-" seulgi said and do the same


irene today has a class with seulgi's best friend. wendy.

wendy was kinda concerned when she saw irene. she was scared the girl will hurt seulgi in the future because seulgi is having a crush on her. she told wendy kind of, but wendy thinks she actually likes irene a lot. from the day she stares at irene in the cafeteria. since her crush liked her back, now she wants the same for her best friend. 

she didn't realized she was staring at irene looking scared nor did she know irene noticed how she was looking at irene.


huh? what's with this girl? do i look intimidating or something? irene thought. 

people doesn't get intimidated by me easily why is she? she continued thinking.


she thinks the girl looks really familiar. 


small...long black hair with bangs..i think i have seen her before. she thought again

since the professor is busy teaching and they sit next to each other in the last table, irene decided to ask the girl what's the matter.


-"hey, why do you keep staring at me like that?" irene asked

wendy f

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Chapter 24: No worries Author-nim. Study is Top Priority.
wish you well and happiness 🐻🐰😌🙏
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Chapter 24: Hey ,just focus on yourself alright u don't have to put pressure on yourself,study is important but don't forget to have enough rest ,do whatever make u feel happy and about your mental health I hope u the best for u , it's hard but please hang in there , please take care and stay safe ❤️
Chapter 25: Welcome back author-nim! Twitter au sounds good and fitting for the plot :D I'll support whatever you decide to do :)
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Chapter 24: Redread^^
Take care author nim, please stay safe ❤
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update please author nim 🥺❤
Chapter 24: :(
Chapter 24: Thank you for giving us closure!
Take care of yourself, studies first!
Chapter 23: why can't yeri be a bridge instead of playing lies one after the other?😐
Chapter 21: Lol these two, piling up lies after lies 😂 i wonder how things will go. It looks like Irene needs to feel the hurt or longing, or whatever it is, first to realize what she truly feels lol
Chapter 22: she's slowly realizing that she also likes seulgi hehe