chapter 6. (wj/jr)

rental [rewrite coming soon!]
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[a/n: this is part 2 of "love you instead". we'll get back to seulrene on the next chapter.]




joy screamed but wendy already ran away. she looked at yeri and yeri could see that joy is really mad at what she just did.


-"yeri, i know you are heartbroken but i won't date you if you just demand for a relationship like this. even if i like you as much as you like nayeon." joy stands up, ready to go out and chase wendy

-"i-i understand.." yeri nodded

joy gave yeri a slap in the face and yeri realised that what she had done is wrong. 

now, all joy could think about is wendy. she knows she doesn't like yeri anymore. and she knows that now, she wants to spend the future with wendy. to tell wendy that she likes her too.

joy ran after wendy. she finally founds the girl who is crying in a corner in the big yard. seeing joy, she started to run again and joy started to chase her


-"wendy!! it's not like how it seems like.." joy ran as fast as she could and grabbed the girl's hand so she would not run away again 

-"then what is it? your crush likes you back, why were you even looking for me?" wendy looked at joy with her watery eyes

-"she doesn't like me!" joy said

-"then what did i see? you two were kissing," wendy said

-"she likes nayeon! the im nayeon, you know. she was heartbroken that nayeon got a girlfriend and i took her to that room to rant and she kissed me! she was just heartbroken and trying to forget about nayeon, she doesn't even like me!" joy explained all that happened.

-"but you l

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Chapter 24: No worries Author-nim. Study is Top Priority.
wish you well and happiness 🐻🐰😌🙏
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Chapter 24: Hey ,just focus on yourself alright u don't have to put pressure on yourself,study is important but don't forget to have enough rest ,do whatever make u feel happy and about your mental health I hope u the best for u , it's hard but please hang in there , please take care and stay safe ❤️
Chapter 25: Welcome back author-nim! Twitter au sounds good and fitting for the plot :D I'll support whatever you decide to do :)
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Chapter 24: Redread^^
Take care author nim, please stay safe ❤
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update please author nim 🥺❤
Chapter 24: :(
Chapter 24: Thank you for giving us closure!
Take care of yourself, studies first!
Chapter 23: why can't yeri be a bridge instead of playing lies one after the other?😐
Chapter 21: Lol these two, piling up lies after lies 😂 i wonder how things will go. It looks like Irene needs to feel the hurt or longing, or whatever it is, first to realize what she truly feels lol
Chapter 22: she's slowly realizing that she also likes seulgi hehe