All That I Know (Jeno Lee)

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This is not a love story.

Or maybe it could be; if you want it to be.

Love for music, love for life, and love for those who stand by you when you need them to.

This story might not be a love story, but it is a story about luck, miracles, and taking that leap of faith.


But it wasn’t going to be easy and Jeno knew that you’d take the fall for him.

That was part of all he knew—that you’d be ready to be his armor if he ever needed you to be.


He disagreed, he repeated in his mind. It was a sinking feeling of realization.
Louder than the many times he has ever yelled at you.
The pounding of his chest, the ringing in his ears.

He definitely loved you more.


Summary: You taught Lee Jeno all he knew. You stood by him when he felt like the world did not understand. But this story is not about you and Jeno, is it? It's about Jeno and how you were just in for the ride. That was what you were-- his ride or die. 
You were always going to be on the outside looking in. 

“That’s all that I know,” he said your name, and as it rolled off his lips, you smile. “because that’s what you taught me. To fight for what I want.”

Genre: happy ending, romance. 
Character: older!reader, younger!jeno, traveling and his insane love for music

Warnings: mentions of drugs and alcohol & my cringy poems (don't die! lol) 

A/N: Tell me if you want a second part. I wrote this 50% very hyped on caffeine in the day and then very drunk at night so it is the most random idea I have ever had. 
Also because @miuratatsuya made me dream of bringing Jeno to UK. 


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Much love <3


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wxnlingg_ #1
Chapter 7: all your love stories are making me cry TT thankyou for writing i enjoy reading all of them!
wxnlingg_ #2
Chapter 6: he is gg to do whatever it takes to get her back TT
wxnlingg_ #3
Chapter 4: WHAT?? NOOO
wxnlingg_ #4
Chapter 3: i guess fame always plays a part in spoiling a relationship:(
wxnlingg_ #5
Chapter 2: the kind of support she have for him is smth i would want to have. it must be so nice to know that someone always have your back
wxnlingg_ #6
Chapter 1: finished the first chap and this is my first time reading a story where oc is older than jeno!
Chapter 7: I'm basically binge-reading all of your stories and I can't even express how much I love all of them. Thank you for your hard work!
Chapter 1: Firstly I wanted to say thank you for the friend request. :) I saw this story on Ao3 and recognised your username - was going to read it there originally but I love your inclusion of images and visuals on AFF way more to complement the story so I decided to read here. I’ve been meaning to read this story and finally got around to it - I saw that you started a new Haechan story who is my bias alongside Jeno but I thought I’d read this first since it’s completed already. I love this story and your writing, college Jeno is the hottest Jeno for me I mean just imagine that guy kicking a football I would swoon lol. I also really like how the OC is two years older than him - I Kind’Ve relate to it not just because I’m also older than Jeno as I don’t actually imagine myself as OC but it’s nice to serve a different audience. Especially me I wouldn’t want to date anyone more than a year younger than me but it’s weird that as girls there’s a bit more stigma attached to dating younger guys rather than the other way around.
Chapter 7: I think this is my favorite story from you so far. I don't know why, I'm a huge fan of all your stories, but this became my fav. :)
sweetcupcakesify #10
Chapter 7: what a beautiful story once again