i'm here for you, always

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"I'm here for you," Sehun told you. "Always."

“I know,” you replied. You would tell Sehun after that he brought out the brat in you. That he spoiled you. That the many years of friendship between both of you were simply made of moments where he would surrender to you.

"I'm also here for you, always."



Take my hand
Believe me when I say
I'm here for you always (here for you always)
Take my hand
And everything could change
But one thing stays the same
I'm here for you always

“I promise I won’t hit on you,” he said and it worked. It worked for you because you didn’t want to get involved with boys. It worked because Sehun kept his promise for years to come and not once would he try to sleep with you.

And when you pushed yourself to him, he knew how to keep his distance.


"Hey," Sehun called out and you raised an eyebrow. "Remember my promise?"

"About taking me to the movies this Saturday so we can mourn the end of your three-year marriage?" you asked, chuckling. He didn't say anything to that for a moment and you turned to see his lips in a tight line. 

"No, my other one." 

You had no idea what he was talking about. 

He smacked his lips before shaking his head. 

"Just letting you know that I'm thinking of breaking it." 


Songs for You (EXO VERSION) 



I miss writing so much.
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