What I Dislike About You

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Co-workers who cannot stand the sight of each other become roommates.



I am still trying to see the bright side of this very messed up situation I find myself in right now I mean is this a soap opera.

Maybe a K drama because my roommate is Korean, heck I do not know anymore.

My roommate and best friend Desiree were accepted in a yearlong fellowship at the University of Seoul. Although I am stoked for her, I was now stuck paying three thousand dollars a month in rent alone. Add that to my monthly expenses plus groceries and it adds up quick! Thank goodness my car is paid off or I would really be in trouble.

Under normal circumstances I could do it no problem but right now I am paying brother's rent, household expenses and car note while he attends Grambling University.

It was our agreement so he can concentrate on school and keep his grades up. He only works part time to keep pocket change. I buy all his clothing seasonally and ship it to him. He never complains because I have impeccable taste. He does not have to know I get his stuff so cheap because I am the ultimate shopper.

Not to mention I pay two thousand of the three thousand dollars rent because I have the entire basement and rec room, so my son Dylan has his space. I mean it is a beautiful house and the basement is laid out. It is an ideal situation really. Luckily, we get the heat, air and all landscaping is included in our rent.

I mean where can you get a 3,000 square foot house with a 3-car garage, pool, and cabana in Los Angeles for three grand a month?

It is indeed a miracle.

For awhile I could see my all my savings going up in smoke, my nice little nest egg was going to be full of cracked eggs.

So, when she suggested her cousin subletting until she came home, I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Dylan and I are so busy between my main job, my freelance photography job, hobbies, his school and extracurricular activities that we are not home much during the week anyway. We come home to shower, eat dinner, do homework, and maybe catch something on Netflix before passing out.

So, we will be out of each other’s way. It will be perfect or so I thought until I met her cousin...

She cannot be serious right now!! This had already been the worst week of my life and now I can declare it is officially the worst week of my entire life...

Well so far...

Unfortunately for me her cousin is my new co-worker.

The bane of my existence...

The same man I have had several unfortunate run ins with just this week alone.

The ever annoying know it all Seung Choi!

What are the odds that the same man she gushed about and said was so charming being the same man I cannot stand...?

"Oh, you will love him." She said

"He is so charming and handsome." She said.

Charming? He is as charming as a serial killer!

Now what am I going to do to get out of this mess? He cannot live in my house one of us would end up on the 6'oclock news within the first ninety days!

He is a Jerk with a capital J!!!



Well, well, well...

What do we have here?

Desi's roommate is none other than my wound too tight, cannot take a joke to save her life co-worker India.

I call her your royal uptightness to her face at work. Of course, I know her real name, but I love getting on her nerves.

Lately she has totally ignored me which makes it so much more fun to bug her.

When I came in and Desi introduced us, I will admit I was surprised to see it was her that was the bestie.

From what I know of her and from what Desi's has described of her it is night and day.

She cannot be the gorgeous, fun, outgoing, spontaneous woman Desiree described to me.

I must admit she is gorgeous, but I am having a really hard time seeing the other things Desi described as being her personality.

They are now having a not so quiet discussion about how there is no way I am living here with her and her kid and I cannot help but chuckle.

I was surprised to find out she has a child she never talks about him at work.

But in all fairness, we aren't exactly friends so how would I have known?

She is livid and I am delighted, tickled to death...

This will be an interesting 12 months.

Remarkably interesting indeed...



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Chapter 5: Absolutely love it when the man realizes first
Chapter 5: Absolutely love it when the man realizes first
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