This Can't Be Real Life!

What I Dislike About You
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“What is he doing here?” I look at my roommate Desiree confused.

I point to him.

“Is he the cousin you told me about? “It can’t be him.”

I frown and look at him again and he looks just as shocked as I am.

The smile drops from her face and she looks at us both with a bemused expression.

“Yes, this is my cousin your new roommate Seung.” She says looking between the two of us.

“You can’t be serious right now Desi!” I say looking over her shoulder at him.

“He’s your cousin?” It can’t be he is the jerk from my job I was telling you about!” I wave my arms dramatically at him.

He raises his eyebrow smirking.

“Ugh this cannot be my life right now.”

Desiree looks pained.

She glances at him then me and takes a deep breath.

She smiles at me apologetically “Well isn’t this a surprise?”

She says laughing nervously rubbing the back of her neck.

She looks at me with those pleading puppy dog eyes that she knows makes me cave in every time.

“No no no Desi don’t give me that look, you have to fix this I can’t live with him!”

“I will just pay everything on my own while you are gone, I can do it.” I say looking at him.

He rolls his eyes, folding his hands across his chest.

“Really? Because it seems to me that if that were the case, I wouldn’t be standing here in the first place.” He says smugly.

‘Oh lord.” Desiree says under her breath.

I chuckle and look at her pointing at him.

“I rest my case.”

“First of all, you know nothing about me this is t the longest I have remained in your presence in all the time that I have known you.”

“Secondly you can just turn around the way you came in and go back out.”

“Desiree I will speak to you later.” I say walking around them to head to my bedroom.

“I know you take care of your brother and that you pay all of his expenses so that he can concentrate on his studies.” He adds.

I look at Desiree and scoff.

She turns pink clear to her ears.

Here she is unbeknownst to me feeding my life story to someone I really do not care for.

Great way to go Desi with your big mouth.

“You seem to know a few things about me emphasis on the word few.”

“Even still I do not need you to move in I will pay it all on my own, I am sorry for the inconvenience any of this may have caused you but I am sure Desiree can help you come up with another situation.” I look at Desi and she looks like she wants to run for the hills.

“What about your kid?” He asks.

“A kid is a baby goat I have a child.” I say and he raises his eyebrows again.

“Oh brother.” Desi groans pinching the bridge of her nose.

“What about him? He is well taken care of but thanks for your concern.” I sass.

He chuckles “You are so stuck up?”

I fold my arms across my chest and look at him.

“Oh? How would you know that? I don’t remember ever holding a conversation with you for you to determine how I am.”

“Oh, right your buddy Caesar must’ve told you that.”

“Caesar? You hang with that loser?” God now wonder.”

She says as the lightbulb goes on in her mind.

“Oh no he earned my dislike all on his own Caesar is just an added issue.”

He laughs “You need to stop being so prideful this is why nobody likes you at work.”

“You have zero ability to joke, laugh or smile you are a miserable person.”

Desiree slaps his arm hard. “That is enough you!”

“Indy I am so sorry I had no idea he was the man you were talking about but it is a little too late to find someone else so we have to figure out a way for this to work.”

“Apologize to my friend this instant!” She yells at him.

I hold up my hands to stop them.

“No no Desi there is no need for him to apologize for what he feels although I have literally done said or done nothing to him to justify a word he’s just said but it’s whatever.”

“Even Stevie Wonder can see from this ridiculous exchange that this will not work so as I stated earlier, I will just pay everything myself until you come back.”

“But I already paid 6 months’ worth of rent.” He says.

I look at Desi she grimaces.

“I already gave it to Mr. Lorenzo, and it’s been applied to our account.

“Oh.” I say trying to think of another solution.

The only alternative I can come up with is to give him back his money myself.

Dang!! I cannot believe this!!

“I guess I will have to reimburse you myself.”

“India!” You can’t do that I am sure we can come to an agreement.”

“No, I insist.” I run downstairs to grab my checkbook.

This is about to hurt my pocketbook for real, but I cannot imagine living un

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