A Love So Hidden

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RM didn’t know when it started. Was it when he first saw the boy at BigHit entertainment, trying out the auditions, or when they started as a group, winning awards after another. Or was it when Jin voluntarily took the role of the mother in the group, making sure all the members are being taken care of.

Or was it when he gives his biggest smile when he sees RM.

RM didn’t know when it started, but he sure knew one thing. This feeling inside his heart is not something he feels for any other member. It was different with Jin.


“Namjoon ah, stay with me tonight.”

Seokjin’s hands were grasping RM’s shirt as if he was afraid that RM would disappear if he didn’t hold on to the boy. Desperation clearly visible in his voice. 

And without thinking much, RM tightened his hug around the eldest member. His lips touching the crown of Jin’s head as if it was a familiar move that he always did, comfortably.








So... Here I am, trying out a NamJin story.. Enjoy the story, I promise I have a nice story line planned for you all. 


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Great story, I like it and I can't wait for the sequel !
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I'm looking forward to it ^^