After Effects

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Heechul knew something was different with this boy.

His vibe was different, compared to other members in the program, Min Kyunghoon was giving him a different vibe. It was too appealing that it almost scared the universal star, Kim Heechul.

Was it a mere attraction he felt for the boy or was it something more.



story about them, because i seriously think we need more stories about these two. 


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MissKimmm #1
Chapter 1: Oooow..I like this kyungchul story so much!!!
Chapter 1: 😭😭 i miss kyungchul
Banlo_Love #3
Chapter 1: Well written and emotions conveyed nicely.
Chapter 1: 😂😂Yes lets blame it on the alcohol!!! I like this ❤ super cute and the ending relatable.