ROOMMATES (completed)


If you think living with Lan Wang Ji must be easy just because of his quiet personality, let me tell you that you are heavily mistaken! And Wei Wuxian realizes his mistake from the very first day he starts living in "THE HOUSE OF LAN WANGJI."
The never-ending list of rules was one thing, but Wang Ji's unnecessarily rude attitude was a whole different story to deal with. And Wei Wuxian was forced to leave his house because his ex-roommate was getting married soon. But was that the only reason he left in such a hurry? And why was he so desperate that he even agreed to live with Wang Ji?

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This is a short story. Do vote! I hope you enjoy!


"Ah Xian, you still haven't clearly told me why you are moving out in such a rush? My wedding date is still 10 months away! What's with all this hurry?"

Zhou Zi Shu said to Wei Wuxian, trying to stop the younger from storming out of the house with bags of luggage. The elder had his arms stretched in both sides, preventing Wuxian to get through.

"I told you already! I can't stay any longer!"


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