The Girl Who Fed On Nightmares

It's Okay To Not Be Okay
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Being a celebrity author was as taxing as being an actor or a singer. People would always want to take a picture with you not caring whether you would be comfortable with it. Just like how this young girl and her mother approached her for a single snap.

"Why do you like my stories?" Irene asked the little girl sitting on her lap

"I enjoy reading stories and yours are the best!" the girl chirped happily smiling at the camera. Irene gave the camera a small smile before continuing

"You like fairy tales huh? Why do you enjoy them?"

"The princess in those stories is my favourite. She is just like me! My mom calls me a princess so I dream to have a life like the princesses in those stories" the girl spoke happily.

"Princess? But my stories don't revolve around a princess. The black witch is always the main character in my stories, she is the one you should dream to be. Not the princess. You know why? Because deep down, all of us are like that. We're ruined and unhappy and black. We're all witches" she cooed into the young girl's ears.

The young girl screamed and jumped out of her lap and ran to her mom sobbing. Her mother, having not heard the conversation, just allowed her daughter to pull her out of the restaurant without a word.


"Eh.. You don't need to do that! Just-" Seungwan trailed off as she saw the brawling girl and the mother walk out of the restaurant Irene was eating in. She sighed knowing what might have happened before cutting her call off and barking an order at her driver Yeri to park the car as she stormed inside to find that woman.

"Joohyun!" Wendy groaned as she saw the woman eating her lunch not bothered by the fact that she had just made a little girl cry.

"What?" Joohyun asked, raising an eyebrow and challenging Seungwan to say something.

"Why? Huh? Why do you do this? They're your fans! You need to be nice to them"

"All I did was tell her the truth! We're all witches and none of us are-"

"Yeah I know.. Okay? I do, but... Aishh"

"That girl was being told a lie, all I did was tell her the truth" Irene said and Seungwan nodded rubbing her temples before adding

"Fine.. I just cannot go over all this again. Anyways, you have a meet and greet at the children's hospital today. Be nice and kind okay? Please don't pop any more bubbles today. One's enough."

"Why? So that they can live life with a lie in their heads?"

"Yes, exactly! Now come on, you're done eating and we need to get going"

"Huh" Irene scoffed getting up from her seat.


"Yeri please drive us to hospital. ...And drive properly okay?" Seungwan instructed as she slid into the car and put on her belt.

"Don't I always?" Yeri mumbled before stepping on the accelerator and joining the other cars on the road.

Halfway through their drive Seungwan's phone began to ring and she bit her lip looking at the caller id. She pinched the bridge of her nose wondering what she should do while Irene who had had enough of that annoying ringtone, snapped "Just take it will you?"

"What.. No.. It's some spam call" Seungwan nervously replied, glancing nervously at Yeri beside her.

"Take the bloody call and put it on speaker" Irene barked and Seungwan had no choice but to do as she was told

"Hello?" she asked as she picked the call.

"This is our fourth call of the week asking you to come here and sign the papers for the surgery. It's a very critical surgery and I'm afraid the patient won't make it if we don't operate soon"

"Why do you guys even bother?" Irene scoffed grabbing the phone from Seungwan who was biting her knuckle

"Miss Bae, it's our duty to save a patient-"

"To me, the patient you're talking about is as good as dead. I don't care whether they live or die. I really don't care" Irene said while Seungwan flinched from her tone even though she wasn't being spoken to.

"Who do they think they are? Trying to save the life of someone who's as good as dead?" Irene huffed as she ended the call and handed the phone back to her manager Seungwan.

"You see Joohyun, it's their job and they have no choice but to go with it."

"Why would I care if-"

"We're here" Yeri spoke, breaking the upcoming fight as she pulled up at the hospital. Fans were already lining up outside in hopes to see the famous author Irene.

"Remember, Smile and wave" Seungwan reminded Joohyun as opened the door and Joohyun stepped out to hear fans squealing and screaming and chanting her name.


Cameras flashed as she strode into the hospital Seungwan following her into the children's ward.


"Guys.. We have a small problem. Patient 118 is missing. I don't know where he is." a nurse's voice rang through the speakers in the staff room. Seulgi frowned as she exchanged a glance with her co- worker.

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