The Lady In Red Shoes

It's Okay To Not Be Okay
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"Ahhhh!" Seungwan groaned, running a hand through her hair after hearing about the whole incident where Joohyun had tried to stab someone with a knife. A knife she wasn't supposed to be carrying.

"If it's of any help.."

"NO! Yeri! Nothing could help me now. Nothing. That woman always does what she wants to do! If only.. If only she listened to me we wouldn't be in this situation"

"I found the name of the woman she stabbed. If it's of any help"

"She, wait what?"  Seungwan asked freezing

"She might've hurt someone" Yeri spoke choosing her words carefully

"Oh god.. This is worse than what I thought. Okay.. Okay this is just a little different from things that have happened before. I- We can solve this too" Seungwan spoke reassuring herself while pacing around the room.

Yeri watched her with her lips pursed. Her boss tended to panic in situations like these.

"You.. You said you have the name of the person" Seungwan said, pointing to Yeri.

"Kang Seulgi" Yeri replied cutting to the point


"The name is Kang Seulgi" Yeri repeated

"Ah.. Okay. While you're at it, call her here tomorrow at 10. We need to make sure she stays silent and doesn't cause a bigger scene than what we have."

"I.. Argh!" Yeri huffed but then agreed when Seungwan glared at her pointedly.

"Good, let's hope we settle everything tomorrow then."



"Your phone has been ringing for the past hour unnie" Sooyoung said pointing to Seulgi's phone

"I am not in the mood Soo" Seulgi mumbled from where they both were lounging on the rooftop.

"If you're not taking it, I will. I am tired of it"


"Hello?" Sooyoung asked into the receiver

"Hello, am I speaking to Miss Kang Seulgi?" the voice asked

Seulgi rolled her eyes before groaning and sitting upright to answer the call.

"What can I do for you?" she asked

"Ah.. No no. I am calling on behalf of Miss Irene's manager. We wanted to apologise for the incident she caused and the whole ordeal so we were hoping you'd be able to come to meet us at our office at 10 tomorrow morning. I am very sorry to have reached you at this ungodly hour, but I sincerely hope to see you tomorrow so that we can apologize for all the problems she caused you. Thank You."

"Oh.. Uh. I'll think about it then" Seulgi said while Sooyoung flicked an eyebrow up in question.

"Thank you" the voice said before hanging up.

"Huh" Seulgi huffed before flopping onto her back again looking up at the clear starry sky.

"So?" Sooyoung asked

"I don't know.. You think I should go?" she asked

"Well, there's nothing that she could possibly do to fix her mistake of getting you fired.."

" I was going to quit anyways Soo"

"Yeah, but they don't know that!"

"What are you trying to say?"

"Well, Sihyeon unnie loves this author,  what's her name again? Ah..uh-Irene. And she could probably give you an autograph for your sister as compensation for hurting you?"

"Oh?" Seulgi asked a surprised chuckle coming out of her.

"Yeah.. It's just a sign. I don't think they will say no.. Seems like a deal doesn't it?"

"Sometimes I wonder where you get such ideas" Seulgi said with an amused smile looking at her friend

"Trust me, you have no idea what else is there in this amazing head of mine" Sooyoung replied laughing

Seulgi burst out laughing too and they both enjoyed their time by admiring the sky and talking before heading back inside.


"So, if she arrives I'm to tell her that you're running late?" Yeri asked

"Yes.. Just 10 minutes late! I got held up at the press. You know today's the release date for Irene's new book, so I had to visit the office to just make sure everything was good. " Seungwan replied

"Uh.. Okay" Yeri said as she hung up.

Deciding that it was better to greet the woman at the entrance in order to make a better impression, she headed outside only to find a woman with brown hair squinting as she looked up at the building.

"Um.. Kang Seulgi?" Yeri asked tentatively hoping that this was the woman.

"Ah. Yeah. That's me" She replied sheepishly. Yeri smiled as she led her inside to the conference room where she'd been told to take her.

"We really appreciate the fact that you're here . But Irene unnie's manager will be a little late since she got held up. But it will only take her 10 minutes to arrive. I hope you don't mind. " Yeri rambled

"Mhmm" Seulgi hummed nodding her head

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Yeri asked

"Well... I was hoping to maybe get an autograph?" Seulgi asked with a grimace

"An autograph?" Yeri asked momentarily shocked at such a weird request, but regained her composure before adding " Of course. Anything you'd like to drink perhaps?"

"I'm good, thank you" Seulgi replied smiling.

"I'll get you a soda regardless. If you wait for a minute, I'll be right back" Yeri said as sh

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