03: does waking up sore sound like a good morning to you?

you swiped right into my heart

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Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter :D


Waking up around noon on a Monday, Soyeon is met with physical regret of the previous morning.


She can feel it all throughout her body, but mostly her calves. The moment she snapped her eyes open at the beeping alarm and tries to crawl out of bed, her body immediately rejects the thought. Soyeon cannot believe what happened yesterday and how she allowed herself to fall for Soojin’s warm, convincing smile.


Just how, how could she had been so naïve, so whipped for her best friend’s charms?


The captain can barely move without every fiber of her being screaming in protest, and it takes a huge chunk of her energy to throw an arm out of bed and snatch her phone from the bedside table to shut off the alarm. Her thumbs were even adverse to punching in the six-digit code and opening up Tinder, where Soyeon proceeds to draft a grumpy text to the cheerleader. Each letter is slow as she types, but she doesn’t hesitate to send the message.



I cannot believe your audacity, Seo Soojin.

11:22 AM




What happened?

11:25 AM



No, don’t talk to me.

11:26 AM




11:26 AM



Just why?

Why would you do this to me?

Do you like seeing me suffer?

11:26 AM



Jeon Soyeon, what on Earth are you talking about?

Are you okay? :c

11:27 AM






11:27 AM




You actually, legitimately scared me. You know that?

11:28 AM




I’m dying, Jin-Jin.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it.

Tell my troupe fam I love them and to keep practicing hard.

Tell Yuqi that even though I like picking on her, I think she’ll make a fine replacement captain for me.

Tell Shuhua that she’s my favorite dongsaeng and I’m always proud of how far she’s improved in dancing.

Tell Minnie-unnie to take care of Yuqi, because she’s a troublemaker and only listens to her these days.

Tell Miyeon-unnie not to give up on Shuhua, because the kid is just stubborn about her feelings and won’t admit it.

Tell Hyunjin to stop being a drama queen and leave his sister Yeji alone. Especially when Lia is around.

Tell Chaeryeong and Yuna to be good sunbaes to the new recruits.

11:29 AM



Soyeonnie, please.

You’re NOT dying.

11:30 AM



Yes, I am.

I’m DYING, Soojin.

11:30 AM



Ah, jinja…

Sometimes, I really think Shuhua is rubbing off on you too much.

You’ll be fine once the soreness is gone. I promise <3

11:31 AM


Soyeon scoffs at the last message, primarily because she knows that Soojin is right. After a particularly hard practice, she would feel exactly the same. Her muscles would ache and burn from specific movements—sometimes for days at a time—but slowly, the dull throbbing and sharp pain would subside. And with it, she could feel her muscles growing stronger and more resilient to the strain. So, yes, Soojin was right.


The feeling was unmatched, honestly, which is just another amazing thing that Soojin made Soyeon feel to add to the pile of hundreds already.



Yeah, yeah. I know…

I’m still sulking tho.

11:31 AM



Why am I not surprised? Haha~

11:31 AM


Soyeon starts drafting out a lengthy clutter of words. Something along the lines of “What do mean ‘you’re not surprised’?! May I remind you, YOU’RE the one who thought that taking me on a jogging date would be a splendid idea. NOT ME. Now I’m sore and I can’t even lift my ing arm without needles pricking my skin and—”


However, she doesn’t get the chance to send or even finish it.



I bet you have that adorable pout on your face again. ^^

Like, I get that you hate being called cute. But what can I do?

You’re just so… precious to me, you know?

11:32 AM


Her face quickly flushes pink, and she throws her phone towards the foot of her bed with a squeak. It’s one thing when Soojin harmlessly flirted back at her before the date, but then now? Now?


Now, Soyeon had looked up at Soojin and seen that smitten look. All because she just double-knotted her shoelaces to keep herself from tripping and falling on her face. Now, Soyeon had felt Soojin’s arm, strong and protective, around her shoulders. Now, Soyeon had witnessed Soojin politely taking the check from the waiter’s hand to pay for their breakfast without so much as letting her lift a finger to tip. Now, Soyeon had tasted Soojin’s cherry-flavored lips and remembers their first kiss so vividly.


Soojin isn’t just Soyeon’s best friend whom she matched with on Tinder that may or may not be serious. Soyeon knows that Soojin feels the same way about her and wants to do something about it. They are doing something about it, because this is no longer a harmless flirt. It’s so much more than that.


Had Soyeon gone too far…? Are they going to mess up their friendship? Will they even work out? Why did she throw her phone across the bed? Because now, she’s going to force herself to sit up and her thighs will strain (which is going to for how sore she is.) It’s basically like doing a crunch, and then Soyeon will have to stretch in order to grab her phone again because she can’t just leave Soojin waiting for so long. That’s not very fair to her.


God, why is she overthinking so much?


A notification window pops up on her lock screen: 10 New Messages.


Mustering her resolve, Soyeon unlocks her phone and is greeted by a slew of text messages from an increasingly flustered Soojin.



No matter what you do, you always seem adorable to me.

Like yesterday? You looked so cute wearing that PE shirt that’s a size too big for you. I swear, I wanted to hug you from the very moment I saw you because you looked so small and cuddly.

I’m a little sorry for making you exercise so hard… but I’m also not too sorry about it either.

I’d do it a million more times if it means seeing you run again, because you really looked like a corgi with your short legs. Or maybe a tiny husky.

Okay, that sounds a bit weird… but you get the point >.<

And don’t even get me started on how cute you looked with your tongue sticking out when you were so busy tying your laces.

I mean… come on, Soyeon…

The bottom line is, I’m definitely not sorry for what we did yesterday. And I don’t think I should have to be. Not when I finally got to kiss you after waiting all this time.

I am sorry, though, for blowing up your phone like this (but not that much)

I hope you enjoyed spending time with me too, even if we did something you typically don’t like.

11:33 AM


Even after ten consecutive messages, Soojin is still going like a machine gun on high velocity. Girlie is on a mission, and it doesn’t seem like she’s stopping anytime soon.


Soyeon thinks that maybe she should intervene, but it took so much effort for the captain to roll her aching body towards the end of her bed. So, now, she’s completely content with just laying on her sore stomach and reading the texts that flood in with a raging blush on her face.


Oh, what she’d give to have Soojin beside her at this moment so Soyeon could give her the big, fat kiss on her ridiculously soft lips.



I genuinely had a good time with you, Soyeonnie.

And not because you were so pretty, post work-out included.

Or because I got to kiss you twice.

Though, that was amazing. Like… really, REALLY amazing.

But just being able to hang-out with you was like everything I could’ve hoped for, and more.

I know we’ve gone out together with just the two of us, but it’s different now. It feels special to me.

Cheesy, I know… but that’s the truth.

Did you have a good time?

11:34 AM


Soyeon’s body hurts from the insane amount of energy she had put into jogging yesterday. Soyeon’s face hurts from the insane amount of smiling she’s doing from how Soojin is unapologetically (or maybe a bit apologetically) spamming their chat box with bubbles and bubbles of messages about their date.



Jin-Jin, of course I had a good time. Especially cuz you were there.

Even though I still feel overwhelmingly sore in every part of my body (and, for some odd reason, my arms are too??)

But yeah, I had the best time hanging out with you. I can’t wait to see you again this weekend :D

11:35 AM



I’m glad <3

Does this mean I get to know what we’re doing?

11:35 AM



Nope, it’s a surprise!

11:35 AM


The moment that a second date became a possibility, Soyeon knew exactly what she wanted them to do. The plan has started developing in her mind. Even now, with her just lying on the bed texting Soojin, she’s thinking about every miniscule detail and the timing of it all.



Well, I’m still very excited. ^^

I guess it doesn’t really matter what it is, so long as I’ll be there with you.

11:36 AM



Okay, now THAT’S cheesy.

11:36 AM



Oh, hush you…

But you’re right, I guess. Lol.

Are you getting ready yet? Your afternoon classes start around one, right?

I just finished 2D-DIGI class a while ago, so I can drop by at your dorm and pick you up. I was planning to surprise you by just going there anyway, but this works too.

You have to be done in twenty, though.

11:37 AM



Psh, easy.

I’m basically ready to go.

11:37 AM


Slowly, Soyeon flops onto her back. Mindful of how she moves her weary limbs as a sheepish expression overtakes the huge grin she was sporting earlier. She can feel how messy her bed-hair is and how unbrushed her teeth are. She knows that she has to shower, pick an outfit, pack her laptop bag, and maybe grab a quick snack on the way out or else she’ll be in a grumpy mood all day.


So, yeah, basically not ready. And Soojin seems to be aware of that.



You haven’t even gotten out of bed, have you? -.-

11:37 AM




11:38 AM



Nineteen minutes, missy. I’m not waiting any longer than that.

11:38 AM



Geez, alright! I’m getting up

In five minutes uwu

11:38 AM



Jeon. Soyeon.

Fine then, if that’s how it is…

I won’t pick you up anymore.

11:39 AM



Wait what

You’re capping, aren’t you?

11:39 AM



Read the fine print.

11:39 AM


Soojin can’t hear her, but Soyeon groans exaggeratedly as she pushes herself off the bed and slinks towards her dresser. Soojin can’t see her, but Soyeon is wearing the smallest pout on her face as she lazily grabs a new change of clothes (her default style includes a big hoodie she can easily slip on and a pair of shorts—usually ripped denim) before trudging her way to the bathroom.


While waiting for the shower to heat up, Soyeon—wrapped in only a towel as she sits on the toilet lid—types a semi-salty text back to Soojin.



I’m OUT OF BED now, ma’am.

11:42 AM




I’ll see you in fifteen, Soyeonnie.

11:42 AM



Hold up—

Doesn’t your body hurt at all?

11:42 AM



Um… yes?

11:42 AM




You’re not even sore are you??

11:43 AM



Fourteen minutes!

11:43 AM




11:43 AM


Fourteen minutes is surprisingly much shorter than what Soyeon had anticipated. But she managed to shower, brush her teeth, change clothes, fix her stubborn waves of platinum hair, and slap on a very minimal amount of make-up by the time Soojin buzzes in.


“Coming!” She shouts from her desk, shoving her laptop, tablet, and sketch pad that she needs for the day into her bag before jogging over to the door.


In her rush to answer Soojin, Soyeon didn’t have time to grab a snack from her mini-fridge or even close her laptop bag. She’s certain that Soojin wouldn’t actually ditch her, but it’s the principle of it all. And besides, she’s not the one who has to deal with a no-breakfast-and-lunch Soyeon. Soojin is (and everyone else the captain comes into contact with until her 4PM break).


Throwing the door open, she’s greeted by the sight of Soojin dressed in a casual white tee that is neatly tucked into her high-waisted jeans and scruffy, red chucks.


“H-Hey.” Soyeon blurts out after eyeing her insanely gorgeous friend from head to toe. Respectfully, always respectfully.


Upon seeing Soojin’s bright smile, she’s taken back to Sunday morning and every touch, kiss, and compliment shared between them. feels stuck and her heart is beating fast under Soojin’s intensive gaze. She can’t feel the soreness in her muscles anymore, because her attention is now shifted onto the fact that she probably looks like an idiot gawking shamelessly at her crush.


She doesn’t even notice the paper bag that is cradled in Soojin’s left arm, something the cheerleader had quickly picked up on the way to Soyeon’s dormitory, because the latter had reached in with her right arm to brush aside a lock of silver hair away from Soyeon’s face and tucked it behind her ear.


“Good morning, Soyeonnie.” The greeting comes out soft and lulling, and Soyeon feels all tingly inside from the way Soojin says her nickname.


“Morning, Jin-Jin.”


The two remain frozen in place with a hundred, independent thoughts running through their heads. Similar in nature, but nothing they would assume the other to have.


“Here,” Soojin hands her the paper bag, which Soyeon takes with a small “thank you”. Inside, she finds a couple sausage rolls wrapped neatly in parchment paper. Still warm to the touch. “I figured you haven’t eaten yet, given that you likely rolled out of bed less than twenty minutes ago and took your time in the shower.”


“Wow, you’re a real sweetheart.” Soyeon rolled her eyes sarcastically, missing the blush on Soojin’s cheeks when she turns to lock the door behind her. Of course, Soojin and her sweet, thoughtful self would be the one thing to pull Soyeon out of her own mind. “You’re not wrong, though. I’m actually starving.”


Soojin can’t help but let out a giggle that makes her heart skip a beat. “That’s why I got them for you, silly.” She pauses for a bit, then adds. “Well, that and the fact that I don’t want to deal with a hangry lion for the next hour.”


Soyeon pretends to act offended and scoffs lightly, but she can’t hold it up for more than three seconds before an honest grin takes over. “Thanks, Soojin. I appreciate it.”


“Anything for you.” Soojin, the sly vixen, winks her way. It’s subtle, it’s mad cute, and it’s super effective.


Soyeon feels faint in the chest. They’re not on a date, nor are they communicating through Tinder. This is in-person interaction now, and they’re both on their way to campus. They’re crossing the threshold between online and real-life relationships that neither of them had thought they’d cross so soon, but she’s not complaining.


“You look great today.” Soyeon offers to fill in the silence between them. The confidence in her voice may or may not be real (she’s not sure yet), but it doesn’t matter when the blush on Soojin’s face deepens as a result. She doesn’t return the compliment, but she doesn’t have to. Because Soojin leans down to peck Soyeon’s cheek—just so the shorter girl can feel the warmth she’s caused—then thanks her with a shy smile.


“Come on, let’s get going.” Soojin her head down the hallway. “I said twenty minutes, but we might be here for thirty.”


Soyeon just shrugs before joining Soojin as they walk towards the elevator, unhurried and relaxed. She can feel the numb pulses in her legs with each step, but she has to commit to it.


“It’s not my fault someone was a little too busy flirting and kissing.” Her voice is cool and nonchalant as Soyeon steels herself not to look back, no matter how badly she wants to see Soojin’s reaction. But if she did, she would’ve seen the cheerleader jogging up behind her and looping her arms gently around Soyeon’s shoulders.


The captain stops mid-step, surprised by the sudden contact being pressed against her back and the hot breath that hits her ear.


“If you want to wait in line at the elevators again, that’s fine with me too.” Soojin pertains to the late-noon rush of students flocking the Arts department lobby as they wait to take the lift up to their classes, something her friend always tried to avoid by going there at least ten minutes early. That, and Soyeon absolutely refused to take the stairwell up eleven floors.


A strangled noise of gay panic gets lost in Soyeon’s throat when Soojin kisses the side of her head, then nuzzles further into her tousled mane of silver like a kitten. Her face is burning a hundred degrees right now, but she’s also really enjoying this.


“Says the one who rushed me to get ready in less than twenty minutes. It’s like you’re the one who has afternoon classes, not me.” Soyeon joked. “I’d be perfectly fine with us standing like this the whole day, to be honest. I’m not in a hurry anyway.”


Soojin pillows her head atop Soyeon’s shoulder, her warm, breathy laughter floating into her ear like the sweetest melody, before a soft kiss is planted on Soyeon’s neck.


“We should really get going, Soyeonnie. I don’t want to face another student-traffic situation at the turnstiles again.”


Soyeon rolls her eyes and turns in Soojin’s arms. “But isn’t this much more comfortable, though?”


“Of course, it is. But you still—mmph.”


The cheerleader is pleasantly cut off by the feeling of Soyeon’s lips on hers, kissing her gently. It doesn’t last long by Soojin’s standards, but enough for her to realize, relax, then want more of it. Except Soyeon has already pulled away before she could begin to fully reciprocate and is now positioned by her right, their fingers laced together as she tugs the swooned girl along.


“We should really get going, Jin-Jin.” Soyeon repeats with a smirk.


Soojin shakes her head at the audacity, but smiles nonetheless. “I can’t believe you’re using my words against me.”


Soyeon just shrugs again as they stand inside the elevator, waiting to reach the ground floor. She unwraps one of the sausage rolls Soojin has gotten for her, takes a bite, and then smiles while chewing. Soojin takes note of this and says, “I got them from your favorite café. The one down the street from here? I remember we met up there once when you had a free period.”


“Oh, yeah.” Soyeon takes a moment to swallow before continuing. “My prof suddenly dropped our LIFEDRAW class that day ‘cuz of some art seminar he had to attend. I thought it was pretty ironic, you had like an espresso drink and still got knocked out on the couch right after.”


Soojin looks mildly embarrassed.


“I only had three hours of sleep, okay? And my morning class was from eight to twelve.” She defended. “Some freeloader in my group didn’t contribute to our presentation, so I had to stay up all night just to cover his parts! Aish! I hope he failed that subject. He’s a terrible groupmate!”


Her bitter expression makes Soyeon chuckle, smiling around her food as she chomps on it and says nothing else.


The rest of their walk to campus is quiet, but comfortable. Soojin has linked arms with Soyeon as the latter enjoys her breakfast, never letting go, and that’s okay with them. It never gets awkward to move when they’re crossing the street or turning a corner, and they enjoy this kind of closeness. Soyeon finishes the two sausage rolls as they approach the entrance gates, and they realize that a lot of students would be crowding the social spaces and tables in the courtyard up ahead.


They also realize that neither of them wants to let go, but the both of them know that they have to. They could even walk into the campus with their hands clasped together and Soyeon’s head leaning against Soojin’s shoulder, but then they would have to explain it.


Everything is still so new and fresh for them that they didn’t feel like defining or explaining whatever’s going on between them, when they don’t even know themselves. They’re not in a relationship yet, and they’ve only gone on one date.


Soyeon peers up at Soojin, who returned that same understanding, but forlorn look. With a sigh, the captain reluctantly slips her arm out of Soojin’s hold. Lingering as much as she can.


“It’s okay, Soyeonnie. We’ll see each other later.” Soojin gives her an assuring smile, which Soyeon reciprocates with her own hopeful one. “I’m basically free for the rest of the day. Just text me when you’re out, I’ll pick you up and we can have dinner at my place.”


“Does that mean you’re cooking?”


“If you want. I can make you that Jajangmyeon you’ve been craving lately.”


The burst of happiness on Soyeon’s face makes Soojin laugh fondly, and she can’t help but lean down to sneak a small kiss on her forehead.


“Oh my God. Shu, did you just see that?!” A deep voice bellowed from their left.


“Good thing college is pretty lax about PDA now, huh?” A lighter voice quips in response.


Immediately, the two girls whipped around and saw who the two voices are. Minnie’s girlfriend, and Miyeon’s hopeless crush of almost two years.


“Yuqi? Shuhua?” Soyeon calls out, suddenly self-conscious at the sight of their dongsaengs. Crap, they must’ve seen us! “Where, uh, did you guys come from?”


“We live somewhere down the street, unnie.” Yuqi nods backwards behind her and Shuhua. “Shu and I just moved dormitories a few months ago. Most of our Mandarin-speaking buds are there, so we thought we’d join them. It’s a pretty convenient place for walking to class as late as possible.”


“H-How, um… how long?” Soojin stuttered, trying to be as discreet as possible.


“Don’t play dumb. We saw the whole thing, unnie.” Shuhua deadpans, though the corner of her lips tug into a knowing smirk. (Soyeon notices that the black beanie on her head looks awfully similar to that of Miyeon’s, with a little green crocodile patch sewn in front. Whether or not it hinted at something between Shuhua and Miyeon, Soyeon doesn’t mention it.)


“Shuhua!” Yuqi nudges the Taiwanese girl for her bluntness.


“What? It’s true!”


“Yeah, but you can’t just say that! They don’t know that we—” Yuqi stops herself, then switches gears mid-sentence. “Sorry! We were just coming back from lunch when we saw you guys. We weren’t really sure at first, until we got near.”


“Just pretend that we didn’t see anything, unnies. It’s not like we’re gonna tell on you, if that’s what you’re both worried about.”


Shuhua throws her arm around Yuqi’s shoulders and leans against her, exuding an air of stoic nonchalance that is contrasted by her vague smirk and the dark eyes that regard the flustered pair knowingly.


“It’s your business anyway, whatever it is, and you didn’t tell us. So, we don’t know.”


Soyeon has never been redder. She can feel it all throughout her body, up her neck and to the very tips of her ears. “Ah, you see… We’re not even sure what—”


Yuqi cuts her off. “Like Shu said, we didn’t see anything.” She winks, grinning. “Gotta bounce. Our ANIGRAPH class starts in… seven minutes. See ya, unnies!”


Shuhua barely gets to say goodbye herself when she’s promptly dragged away by the arm still hooked around Yuqi’s shoulders, complaining all the while as the Han girl just laughs at her expense. The two upperclassmen remain glued to their spots, dumbfounded, as they watched the energetic sophomores disappear into the crowd of students filing into the campus with them.


“Omo, omo, omo.” Soyeon panics, eyes wide and her heart pacing frantically. “What do we do? They know something, Soojin! I can feel it!”


Her mind is racing just as fast as her heart now, buzzing with a swarm of thoughts. It’s not that big of a deal if they know, right? We can trust those kids, even if Yuqi can be a little and Shuhua is just unpredictable sometimes. Even if they tell everyone, would it be so bad to have people find out that Soojin and I are dating suddenly? Dating… Are we actually dating? We’ve gone on one date, after all, so maybe we are. Or maybe—


The feeling of arms belting around her waist pulls Soyeon out of her mind spiral, followed by the gentle laughter of Soojin as she tucks her face into the captain’s shoulder.


“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” She’s unsure whether to be puzzled or exasperated. Or both.


“Relax. You’re too tense, Soyeonnie.” Soojin cracks another smile, giving her captain a little squeeze, before letting go to hold Soyeon’s hand.


Soyeon can’t help wondering who else is around and what friend or teammate would come up to spot them. She’s anxious and ready to pull away, but then she glances up at Soojin who gently places her fingers underneath the shorter’s chin to hold their gaze.


“It won’t affect us, okay? Everything will be alright.”


She doesn’t need to hear anything else, not when this sounded so convincing from Soojin’s mouth.


“… Okay.” Soyeon nods.


“We’re still on for the weekend, yes?” Soojin asked.


“Of course, yeah.”


“Nothing’s going to affect us.” Soojin reiterates, and Soyeon nods again. Lost in the calm of her friend’s voice and her equally soft eyes. Satisfied, the cheerleader drops her hand from Soyeon’s chin and walks beside her as they enter the campus. Their hands dangle at their sides, but they’re so close that they can feel them brushing against each other with every step. It’s good enough, for now.


“Thanks, Jin-Jin.”


“For you? Anything.”


Silence falls between them, until…


“You know, it was a good call to bring you those sausage rolls when I came over. If I had to reassure a grumpy Soyeon, I doubt that it would’ve gone this well. Don’t you think?” Soojin says with a playful lilt.


“I hate you.” Soyeon grunts, scanning their vicinity for anyone they might recognize before stealing a quick kiss on Soojin’s lips. Grinning victoriously at the flustered expression that overtakes her face as a result. “But you’re totally right.”


Soojin could only duck her head to hide her raging blush and whine.


“Damn you, Jeon.”






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