you are the sun, and i am just the planets



So, Shuhua just orbits for a while. Spinning on her little axis as she gravitates towards Miyeon’s presence.




Had this idea on my mind since January and got around doing it now. Emotional Hurt/Comfort, with a fair dose of cringe-inducing fluff towards the end as compensation. (Yes, MiShu is very soft here because I’m into that good, wholesome .)

Heavily Shuhua-centric, like a character observation(?) or study. Don’t expect a plot or anything, this is really more of a word dump.


Now that I actually slept, I just realized how dumb I sounded in my author's notes and saw all the typos I made when I first posted this. LMAO.
I might post a MinQi one-shot next time. I miss my favorite IDLE pairing.
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