her little jasmine



Miyeon finds a lone puppy on the way back home and decides to take her in. Little did she know, there's more to her furry companion beneath the guise of a baby husky.




MiShu Hybrid AU requested by puppyshushu, feat. husky hybrid/shifter Shuhua (Jasmine) & country girl Miyeon.


I swear to you, this one-shot wasn't supposed to be this godawfully long. As soon as I hit page 40, I knew something was up and thought: “Aight, this is getting too long. Maybe I should shorten it.” So now, here we are with 78 pages of this overwritten hot mess that I gave up editing last night.


Anyway, I still had fun writing this gratuitous word dump and I hope you guys still enjoy it.


Note: Shuhua is called Jasmine throughout most of the story. So if it throws you off a little, that's understandable.


**Also, please forgive my crappy editing on poor Shuhua. I don't know how to Photoshop and had to make do with an outdated drawing program and a tablet that I haven't used for more than a year.


Lmao, I forgot to edit in the tail. 🤡
Can I just retire from writing next year??
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