some bunny loves you



Complications arise after what seems like a harmless tickle fight. Yuqi starts avoiding Miyeon, and the bunny isn't too happy about it.




Miyeon is a clingy hybrid who doesn't like sharing what belongs to her and selfishly wants the Han girl all to herself.

But with Yuqi spending less time with the bunny outside of work and her very active social life, Miyeon can't help the jealousy brewing inside of her as she craves for her owner's attention. If there's one thing Miyeon is good at, it's being annoyingly persistent in getting what she wants. And with the rather questionable advice of her conniving friends, she later finds out that her plan involves Yuqi's favorite sweater—and a Hell lot of skin.



MiYu one-shot requested by nstarkeyred200, feat. bratty bunny Miyeon (hehe, BunnYeon) and a totally whipped Song Yuqi. Hope you enjoy this hot mess :D


This story was meant to be a single chapter only, but then I saw the word count so far and decided to just split the entire work into two parts so it'd be easier for me to edit them. And yes, I know how the foreword sounds. But I PROMISE that this is just self-indulgent fluff with a healthy dose of intimacy towards the end. Nothing explicit, of course.


Laptop crashed on me in the middle of the night, but I managed to salvage what was left in autosave.

I'm too sleepy to edit, so please excuse whatever errors I might've left. I'll fix and polish it up tomorrow.
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