june 02, 2019




kyungsoo found himself in a mass of people, people he didn't recognise, people that didn't look like him.
everything was in a blur to him, like he moved faster than the people around him while standing still, like a picture in motion with a single focus set.
the focus read bitterljuvt and he didn't know the language but he did know what it meant:


his body moved on his own accord, but he still felt like he was chained to the ground, unmoving.
he passed the blurry faces of people, passing right through them, without being acknowledged.
he fell to the ground, rolling on his back, staring up into the sky. every motion around him stopped and vanished and he was alone, in a country he didn't know, a language he didn't speak, a feeling he didn't understand.
from somewhere he heard a voice, speaking, but speaking to whom?

"ja, vi är duvor runt här."

yes, we're all pigeons here.


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