october 26, 2019


chanyeol, sehun

i actually wanted to write it as a whole story, but some things are better left untouched. based on this fanart.


chanyeol and sehun are on the run for years. 
sehun and chanyeol spread terror for years.
chanyeol and sehun met under very "impeccable" circumstances.

chanyeol is a selective mute by choice.
he grew up in a secret facility for gene splicing, but not as a patient, but as the son of the head scientist. he’s a prodigy, he supposed to work one day in the facility.

sehun is a victim of genome editing.
he grew up in a secret facility for gene splicing, but as a product of science. he looks like a demon. he’s a biological weapon with inhuman resources.

chanyeol met sehun for the first time when the latter was five, separated by a ten cm thick glass wall, heavily armoured soldiers by his side. he was enamoured with the demon whose mouth opened vertically and horizontal and the warm yellow irises. he wanted to have him whatever the cost and if he had to stomp on throats.

sehun, on the other hand, was intrigued by the chubby kid with the cold eyes that assessed him from head to toe and who felt under the stares, even if he was only wearing underwear. he felt the dangerous aura the other was emitting just by looking at him. he wanted to be his friend, even if sehun couldn’t grasp the concept of friendship.

chanyeol kidnapped sehun at the age of 17. sehun had become scared throughout the years of rigorous training, but chanyeol still thought he was beautiful, even if he was blind in one eye.

he cut off his pinky when he let chanyeol get attacked by military personnel when he was 23. sehun and chanyeol’s path was littered with bodies at the age of his 25th birthday.

chanyeol is a demon in the shape of a human. 

sehun is a man-made demon. 


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