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It is Sam's and Sylvia's wedding!

However, Sam went missing from the wedding, leaving Sylvia at a loss. An accident happened and caused Sylvia to return back to 7 years ago, where she is assigned to a mission - Find Sam a girlfriend in 3 months' time.

From 2026 rewinded back to 2019, Sylvia is determined to live her life to the fullest!

Pairing: Wayne x Sylvia

Total 9 chapters



14 August 2026.

In the dressing room, the hairdresser just completed her final touches on the bride's makeup. "Sylvia, we are good to go!"

"Thank you!" The bride smiled.

"Wow Sylvia, you looked beautiful today." A tall and good looking man in his white tuxedo walked towards the bride. The hairdresser went out, leaving the two alone to talk.

"Oh my gosh Wayne! You have no idea how nervous I am now!" Sylvia's hands started to tremble.

"Calm down! Everything will be fine! Chill!" Wayne, the best man patted Sylvia's shoulder.

"How not?! It's my wedding! What if... What if the guests got lost on their way here? Or the decorations are not secure? Or-"

"Relax! I'll help you to ensure that all's good!" Wayne reassured her.

"Thanks! What would I do without you?" Sylvia managed to calm down a little, but still feeling nervous.

"Anything for you." Wayne flashed his signature smile.

Knock! Knock!

Diana, the bridesmaid ran towards Wayne and whispered in his ears. Wayne's face changed immediately.

"Is there anything wrong?" Sylvia asked.

Diana walked towards Sylvia and reassured, "No worries, everything is perfect."

"Yeah, just stay here and wait for your turn. I'll head out first." Wayne gave Sylvia an assuring smile, before he left the room.

Sylvia somehow got a bad feeling about it.

She looked at Diana, "Diana, what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, don't worry too much."

"I'm going to find out."


Diana grabbed Sylvia's hand, "Sam is missing, Wayne went out to look for him."




There stood a man in his black tuxedo, deeply in his thoughts. Shortly, Wayne ran towards him.

"Lin Zi Hong!" Wayne grabbed him by his collar, "It's your wedding day! What are you doing here?!"

"This is a nice chilling spot, your recommendation is great." Sam looked at the sea, enjoying its breeze.

"Sylvia's waiting for you, let's go back." Wayne tried to pull Sam away, but Sam refused to budge.

"Wayne, we have known each other for 7 years, right?" Sam asked.

Wayne didn't understand what Sam was driving at, but he didn't have time for that. "Let's go back, it's your big day."

"Do you remember the question I asked you back then when we were here?" Sam asked again.

"Sam, what could be more important than your wedding right now? Can't we talk later?" Wayne was slightly irritated.

"But I want us to talk now." Sam looked at Wayne, forcing him for an answer.


Both men turned and saw Sylvia walking towards them.

"Hong, you don't want to marry me?" Sylvia looked at Sam.

"I don't want to." Sam replied coldly.

"Alright... I got it..." Sylvia held her tears, "Let's call off the wedding."

She ran away.

"Yu Fei!" Wayne ran after Sylvia as she ran across the road.

Beep beep!

A car was approaching Wayne and he froze on the spot. 

"Wei Jin!" Sylvia pushed him away.


Wayne was shocked for a moment, before he could digest what just happened. Sylvia was lying on the ground, with blood on her face and wedding gown.

"Yu Fei... Yu Fei!" Wayne ran towards Sylvia, and held her in his arms.

Sylvia smiled weakly at him, before her hand slipped off and she lost consciousness.

"Yu Fei!" 

Sam just arrived at the scene and saw Sylvia covered in blood. He called the ambulance immediately.


Sylvia slowly opened her eyes, and realized she's in complete darkness.

'Am I dead...?'

"Close to, but not quite."

Sylvia looked around, but could not identify the source of the voice.

"Sylvia Wen Yu Fei, our records state that you are supposed to be dead. However, we are willing to give you a second chance. Do you want to take it up?"

"Second chance?" Sylvia has absolutely no idea what was going on, still, she decided to go with the flow. "I guess so."

"Very well! Your physical body is in a comatose state, lying in a hospital ward. In order for your soul to return to your body, you have to complete a mission."

A screen appeared out of nowhere and Sam's photo was on it.

"Hong? " Sylvia was confused.

"You have to find this guy a girlfriend within 3 months."

"Huh? I have to find a girlfriend for my fiance?!"


Ring! Ring!

An alarm clock started ringing at 8:30am, and successfully caused the girl to jump up from her bed.

She killed off the alarm and stared at her phone. 

'14 November 2019'

Her eyes turned wide.


She ran to the washroom and looked at the mirror. "Oh. My. Gosh."

Sylvia muttered under her breath, "I really time-travelled."

Feels good to complete another story. Things weren't developed as I wanted to keep it short. Story inspired by Unspoken as I felt that the lyrics could fit Wayne's predicament. Not sure if it's logical for Sylvia to love Wayne since she had a 6-7 years rs with Sam. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it!


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