The Second Eve

Underneath the Mistletoe
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Note Please: The background for the characters remains almost the same as in WIL so please bear that in mind as you read. ^^ Happy reading!!




Halloween: The Second Year

Baekhyun almost grinned as he looked at the names displayed on the bulletin board showing names that were to take care of the Halloween Party this year.

Byun Baekhyun and Lee Kina

Their names looked pretty together. He supposed they would look even better together.

Oh gosh, what was he thinking?

His hands came up to cover his face feeling heat creep up his face at that thought alone. Since last Christmas Eve, Kina has caught his attention in such a terrible way that it felt as though he did not notice his break up with his girlfriend.

He felt like an , in all honesty for feeling like that. Of course, he had been hurt when his girlfriend dumped him out of nowhere and began dating strings of boys before a week had even ended.

But he did not mind much that they were over, especially when he heard stories from his friends about how she had gone around cheating on him several times even during their relationship. It pained him... But he lived through it because, as bad as it sounds when he was in college when a certain girl was in his line of vision, it was so incredibly hard for him to focus on anything… Not only the breakup but even the problems that were raging at home.

At first, it had been mere curiosity. He began observing Lee Kina, a girl who seemed so different on that night as opposed to how she acted daily. He watched her and every single day, he was more drawn towards her than the day before.

It was fascinating. She seemed so cheery and positive when she was in college as opposed to the lonely and blue aura she possessed when she was all alone.

It made him curious… It made him mad. As a curious observer of the people around him, he could say he had figured out a lot of people but Kina was an exception. He was mad that he did not know about her.

He supposes he had been a tiny bit creepy as he eyed her everywhere she went but other than that, he did not force himself into her life. And as curious he had been… He felt nervous approaching her.

This was probably the first time in his history of feeling nervous approaching someone.

But now… He grinned looking at their names. He had the opportunity of becoming closer to her.


~Run to me through the white night cause I adore you
Run to me through the white night cause I am waiting for you.~


Christmas Eve: The second year

Baekhyun huffed and panted as the cold wind brushed past his face as though they had knives to cut through his skin. His chocolate brown hair flopped and bounced with every step on his running.

Crap! It was Christmas Eve and because his parents insisted that he had dinner with them and the family, he had been stuck. At least last year when he still had a girlfriend, he had the excuse of going on a date but being single really made him stuck.

With only two and half hours to reach Christmas, he wonders if he’d be lucky enough to chance upon a certain girl who he met last Christmas Eve underneath the Mistletoes.

He hurried over, running faster despite the snow that was fast falling. He really did not mind the cold nor the snow because his mind was all occupied.

He folds over once the convenience store came to his sight and with his hands on his knees, he stops to catch his breath. Boy, the night was certainly cold.

Looking up, he felt his heart jump up and down with anticipation. Would he see her?

With hopeful eyes, he looks at the place they sat just last year, and sure enough, his flushed face breaks into a bright smile seeing the girl eat a Choco-bar seating underneath the mistletoe. His heart thunders and his pulse raced and he was positive that it wasn’t because of the running.

After Halloween this year, they had the opportunity to interact in college and he had been floored that she was a joy to talk to as opposed to the one they had last Christmas. But he supposes that was because she was not familiar with him and that she was uncomfortable.

The saddest and most disappointing thing was that she still did not know his name. She called him ‘Bae’. Although honestly, with the way he was crushing on him like a school girl right now… He wouldn’t mind it if she called him bae.

Wasting no time, seeing that the ice-cream bar in her hands was slowly disappearing he rushed inside to grab a seat right beside her, this year without any chair in between them letting out an awkward cough.

“Oh…” She exclaims a little as soon as she notices, “Baekhyun…”

His heart flutters at his name being called out by her. He could confidently say they shared a proper relationship as friends and classmates now.


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Chapter 7: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ suddenly missed this Baekhyun, so here I am again and that “In every universe” still hit me so hard
adinda99 #2
Chapter 1: I just recently reading What is Love and my heart broke too when Baek broken, I can't take that, I know Baek and Kina never meant to be there and I'm all the way for Sehun and Kina but I can't see Baek getting hurt like that ㅠㅠ

So I want to distract myself by reading this first, at least I know Baek would get his happy ending here, thank you authornim ㅠㅠ
AiiSoo #3
Chapter 7: The raw version is nice too. And yes it shows more of their personality. And what with Kina having a slight crush to Sehun. Hahahah. Thank you for this..!
Chapter 7: Ugh my poor heart— *cries* It's just that I have such a huge soft spot for this Baekhyun— I can't help it but turn into a mushy pile of goo everytime he acts insecure and all baby like *cries harder* GOD this raw version's simply beautiful ♡ I love this couple so muchhh *wipes a tear* And yes, it really helped us to understand WIL's Baekhyun's behavior a bit more :') Tysm for it, hun!
Chapter 7: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1467503/7'>Raw Version: The Last Eve</a></span>
I cant believe i put comments on a wrong chapter hence i miss that you already published the last eve.. aigoo when baek said I will always love you in any universe and kina said me too.. my heart breaks.. aigoo.. poor my baby baekie 😭😭😭😭 huhu internet hug for baek aigoo.. cry together aigoo..
Chapter 7: <em>But aren't you sad for that Baekhyun?</em>
I'm sad with that Baekhyun, honey. I'm freaking sad.

For the edited one, i can feel him feeling suffocate and frustrate when his dad suddenly appeared when he was running to her after the nightmare and I feel like she is really his home when she comforts him (and yeah I panic when he mentioned the nightmare lol)

but for this version, i feel like the talk about another universe linked me to WIL and yep - i can see why he kept trying and trying .. now i'm sad again