Her (JiYoo)

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It’s a crowded place. The strong waves of music strike through my ears, I’m slowly fading out in the vicinity. I was having a quiet, relaxed moment at my home when a  loud lone wolf invited herself in and forced me to go into the club just because she had a hard day at work. And as a good supportive friend, I let her dragged me to this place. 


She was such a mess dancing alone in a pool of people but she is a cute mess. It’s not just the work, I suspect but it also have something to do with her girl. I admire their relationship, there’ll be misunderstandings along the way but they break through and always come back in each other’s embrace. I can always wish I have that. The L in Lee Siyeon is Lucky and S in SuA’s name is Strike. Lucky Strike. A luck that both strikes their heart. 


“Enough!” I snapped in my head. 


Now, I’m stuck in this empty street like I’m stuck being single near outside the club to breathe some fresh air. It’s suffocating inside. 


I took a deep breathe, closing my eyes to savor the calming silence seeping into my slim body. Sometimes, I needed this, a break from everything. Work, unsaid thoughts and her. 


More likely, an unrequited feeling towards her. I never tell her the way I feel until she was no longer in my sight. I wish I could go back in time and tell her I love her. But I’m way too late, she was gone. Way too far for me to confess my true feelings. 


“Isn’t it too cold out here, Yoohyeon-ah?” That fa

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