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Eight letters, three words, two phrases, two different sentences. 


I miss you.


I love you.


It sounds simple. It only takes you a second to say it but months of courage to utter the words, especially to the most special person of your life. 


She told me those words almost everyday to show me how much she loves me. And she was waiting patiently for me to say it back. 


But... no words did come out.Instead, I turned my back on her and tried to lift up the mood by intertwining my hand with hers. 


And it was enough for her. 


I did tell her those words but it’s out of pity, she was just so persistent and cute that I couldn’t bring myself not to say it back  and I can see how powerful those three words for her as it makes her heart flutter and fall in love with me even more. 


I don’t know what she’d seen to me that she was so whipped and crazy in love with me. 


I smiled at the thought. It was such a blissful memory. 


But I was scared and doubted our relationship while she was not. She just loves me so much to the point I don’t deserve her. 


Fights. Misunderstandings. Jealousy. These three words are always part of our relationship but mostly it’s just me trying to push her away until the day she actually gave up pursuing and fixing what we have. 



Then, a year after our break up, the reason is mainlybecause I wanted space. She was against it for the first three months, she begged and she cried every night because of me. Even t

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