Wedding (SuYoo)

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‘Wedding’ the very first word she read when she woke up from a deep slumber. She looked at the photo with two girls’ hugging so lovely it hurts her longing heart. 


‘Bora, why didn’t you wait for me ?’ She said, burying her face to atleast wake herself up from the inevitable heartbreak. 


‘She seemed nice and sweet and caring and kinda funny but I also possess those kind of characters, why not just me ?’ Yoohyeon whispered to herself. 


But then, a vivid memory came into her mind. A memory belongs to Bora and herself being undeniably clingy to each other. They might bicker most of the time, but they both knew their feelings were more than that. 


No one dared to confess because they were too afraid to ruin the friendship. Yoohyeon recalled the time where Bora was drunk and fell asleep. She wanted to slap her face just for fun but then, she was too engrossed to the pretty side view profile while Bora was snoring so loud and that she find it adorable. 


She whispered to her ear, swallowing her coward self and tried to tell the drunk Bora her undying love for the her. But she’s just hoping that the small girl won’t remember the confession she made. And she didn’t the next morning as she was so in pain, Yoohyeon can only managed to gulped so hard, nervous about if Bora remembered. Thankfully, she didn’t. 


No one dared between them, but Yoohyeon was moving her feet forward gradually when she realized it wasn’t too late. Panting, tears streaming down her face, she ran and ran still with her pajamas. Running towards the love of her life. 


She didn’t care about what people say or what people think on why she’s running barefooted on a very cold morning. She had to be on time. Or she’ll regret it. 


Sighing deeply, and hands were on her knees to gather some courage to open the door of the chapel, still have hope that she was not too late. 


Her trembling hands were on the doorknob, slowly opening it making a creek sound. 


She was standing in haze

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