Take this Pain? (JiYoo)

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I woke up feeling the emptiness in my heart. It’s supposed to be the day of those euphoric moments I used to feel. But that day turned out to be just a routine for me to get through. Everyday, I may call it just a day not because it was the standard imposed by people but for me to passed by. Time stops for me. I am stuck and couldn’t move on. And so, everyday is just that same day cycling around, doing the same thing. Nothing more, nothing less but you’re just there. Existing but invisible. 


I feel like my heart pierced by a metallic object that I couldn’t even take it off my chest. It’s just there to cause me an unbearable pain. A pain of the past that was used to be a blissful memory. 


A she in my life. She of my world. A she of my happiness but also a she who caused me misery. 


We were happy, we were inseparable. She has  that smile that could bring such brightness in your darken world. Eyes that lets you dig deep through your soul. Ears, that receives your innermost fears. Mouth that sends comfort and assurance to your lost soul. Her skin and gentle touches gave you warmth. And her scent that is so familiar, it hurts. 


My world became senseless when she decided to leave me hanging without saying a word. It was as if, she was just a part of my dream. Blurry and false that I now considered, a living nightmare. There were no days that I didn’t think about her. Her figure and beauty vividly marked on m

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