I found you (JiYoo)

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Yoohyeon is sitting under a tree admiring the beauty of green grass swaying with the wind while the birds are singing heavenly. She breathes in deeply, closing her eyes. Taking all the fresh air before everything went completely dark. She ponders as to why all of a sudden, the sky is crying out tears. It was before a heavenly blue skies, clouds with images so blissful and a very peaceful environment. 


She wants to run under the pouring rain but as soon as she takes a step forward, she sees a man lurching towards her direction with his hands held forward. He seems to be wounded, just by seeing the blood stains on his clothes. His eyes are soulless and bloodshot. Yoohyeon examines the man and widens her eyes as she saw one of his ears were missing. She panics. She does not know what to do whether to help the man or flee from fear of what might happen. 


She takes her rope that was on the ground, her eyes still fixated on the man who is now accompanied by another three living dead. Their rotten scent disgusts Yoohyeon’s nose, then she realized she is chase by a hoard of sloppy undead humans ready to eat her alive. 


“Are they zombies?” She asks herself, running for her dear life under the cold rain. Tears falling down her cheeks as she remembers that she left her dog, Pie inside her apartment alone. Negative thoughts lingers on her mind, ‘what if she is eaten?!’, ‘i should have stayed with her’. She sobs and tightens her grip on the rope in her hand. She keeps on running in the middle of the forest where only trees and herself are her only company. She halts when she heard a voice speaks and a gun aims at her direction. 


“Duck!” The voice firmly says. 


“I don’t have a duck!” She yells out in response which makes the person scoffs under her breath. 


“On the ground, idiot!” Yoohyeon takes a look on her back to see zombies slowly coming on her way. She immediately gets on the ground  covering her ears for any loud noise coming from the gunshots. Four times, which echoes with the thunder, then she heard bodies falling onto the ground. 

“You can get up now” the voice speaks again, sighing deeply. She gets up and internally facepalming herself upon realizing what she had said earlier. The girl must think she’s weird. 


The raindrops gradually slowing down, revealing a girl with glowing black hair directly gazing at her direction. 


“Uhm, thank you!”


“For that” she points at the now dead zombies. Then she sees a white pomeranian dog, wagging her tail at the girl. She wears a leather jacket with her jeans and a gun in her  hand. Yoohyeon could not help but to be amaze how cool the girl is. 


“It’s your dog?” She asks. 


“Obviously yes. Her name’s Cherry” she seriously says, rolling her eyes. Yoohyeon just nervously laugh. The girl starts to walk, her dog follows leaving Yoohyeon with her rope standing in the middle of the forest.


“Wait for me! I—m Kim Yoohyeon” she says, struggling catching up with the girl. 


The girl stops and looks at her, narrowing her eyes which sends shivers to Yoohyeon’s spine, somehow. She really thought that the girl is really intimidating. But....


“Kim Minji” she holds out her hand for a handshake with a cute fake smile plaster on her face. She can hear Yoohyeon lets out a heavy sigh probably because how terrified she is of her. She gladly accepts the handshake wherein Minji let go of quickly and starts to walk again. 


“I don’t know what is happening, but thank you for earlier” 


“Your dog reminded me of my own dog, but she was stuck in my apartment alone. And I am scared she might get eaten by zombies”


“Hey, why are you here, by the way? Do you live here?” Yoohyeon talks too much that it hurts Minji’s ears. 


“I was just havin—-“ she was cut off by a sudden touch on her lips. A finger that shushes . 


“Can you talk less from now on ? The zombies might find us because of your loud mouth” Minji glares directly at Yoohyeon’s shocked orbs which she nods frantically. 


“Uhm, I just thought the names of our dog fits perfectly, Cherry, Pie” she laughs at her own statement which she again receives a glare from the girl she just met. 


They are now walking in complete silence when suddenly, Cherry barks loudly at an abandoned creepy house near the riverbank. 


“Guess we’ll stay here for a while” Minji whispers to herself.


“What?! That place is scary and haunted ? Like probably, there are living witches inside that and put a spell on us” Yoohyeon says in panic. She does not know whether she’s afraid of zombies or ghosts but both. 


“Or a place to sleep in, Yoohnie” Minji responds with a little pat on her shoulders. 


“Yoohnie?! That’s not my name! Yah! Minji!” She yells out and end up following the girl’s tracks towards the abandoned house. 


Minji opens the door as it creaks throughout the vicinity giving off a creepy vibe. Yoohyeon who’s in the back of the girl, hiding, in case something scary will come out. 


Minji scans the place, it is really dark and gloomy. She looks for any switch, hoping for electricity that would light up the place or else they would just make fire to keep them warm. She heard a flicking sound that ignites the room. It is Yoohyeon besides the door, switching on the lights. 


“The switch’s always found near the door” She cackles and move inside the place where Minji is currently in. 


“There’s a bed!” Yoohyeon quickly sits on it and only to realize that it is dusty. 


“Only one dusty bed.” Minji reiterates and shakes off the dust on the mattress. Her dog Cherry quietly sits near her owner, watching her move. 


“You’ll clean, I’ll find food and probably some liquor” Yoohyeon insists and proceeds to roam around the house. 


“Clumsy but bossy” Minji shakes her head and smile at the little antics of the girl she saved from earlier. She can hear her stumble on things, but manages to bring two cans of sardines and one bottle of whiskey. 


“Here, found this. I think we can get drunk tonight” Yoohyeon says pushing a little table beside the bed and put the drink and food on it. 


“Are you sure, you wanna get drunk tonight?” Minji asks playfully while Yoohyeon furrows her brows in confusion. She nods and pours the liquid into the glasses she brought, offering the glass to Minji. 



They are both now getting tipsy, getting comfortable in each other’s company but they haven’t talked about their personal lives until Minji asked Yoohyeon an obvious question. 


“Why are you in that tree with your rope, Yoohnie?” There she hears it again, the cute nickname Minji gave her that makes her smile. But Yoohyeon looks at her with sadness and regret in her eyes. It is then she realizes Minji’s cupping her face, wiping off her sudden tears. Minji doesn’t want to pressure the girl but Yoohyeon insists. 


She exasperates a sigh before answering her question. Minji whose eyes are now focus on Yoohyeon, ready to listen. 


“I went there to end my life but I couldn’t. I thought about a lot of things before committing it. I lived alone almost half of my life. My parents died in a car crash and I’m the only child. I was really devastated and sad and lonely. I couldn’t even find life amusing, anymore. I actually knew about this zombie apocalypse, and I did escape from the hoard of zombies that attacked our apartment, leaving my dog alone in there. She has a chance to survive, because zombies only eat humans” she chuckles a bit and sniffs before continuing her story. 


“Upon seeing the four zombies coming on my way, I thought. I’d rather be dead human than be one of the undead. So, I ran, hoping for a little chance of survival, then I heard you. It gave me hope, somehow. I feel like I owe you my life, it’s the first time I feel like someone actually cared without expecting something in return” Yoohyeon genuinely smiles and kiss Minji’s cheek. 


The girl only giggles and reply: “Because we’re human. Swayed by unknown feelings, no matter how stoic I am, I truly cared. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to save you” 


“And I am very grateful. Thank you for giving me hope” Yoohyeon puts her hand on Minji’s hand and asked: “What about you? What’s your zombie apocalypse story?” 


Minji takes another glass of drink before telling her own story. 


“Well, I work at a military camp and on vacation. So I spent my week at my parents’ house. I was very happy until my ex showed up in front of my parents’ door, wounded. I thought she’s there to get back to me but I thought wrong. Upon seeing her condition, my parents were really worried and tried to aid her but she started eating them and I tried to stop her but I was thirty seconds too late. The three of them slowly coming at me like a hungry predator. I took my gun out, and as I aim my gun, I hesitated. I don’t want to kill my parents but then I shoot them right on the head and they’re lifeless. I am shocked and I cried but then I heard a growling moan, it was her. I aim my gun to her head, pulled the trigger and said ‘You are a ’. She truly is. She did not just eat my parents but also my bestfriend’s body when she’s still human. She cheated on me. So, I drove all the way here away from those x numbers of undead. The city is now an abandoned place and I thought there’s no human left ‘til I found you here. And it gave me a sen

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