chapter one

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       It was around 2 a.m in the morning when droplets of water started to fall from the dark sky right into the ground. At first it was only a tiny droplets until its getting heavier like a water was thrown from a big bucket. It caused the woman's lovely oxford soaking wet. Not only her shoes but also her body. She wasn't expecting it would rain tonight even though its been about five days the rain hasn't come. Kim Nora, she walked slowly under the rain relying on her drained body.  The alley was dark and wet. She noticed there was only a few street lights illuminated her way and some lighting from a few twenty four hours shop.

She looks exactly like a soaked lost kitten in the middle of the dark alley when her fingers clutching the paper bag she brought earlier.  It was a cake. A birthday cake. The woman knew what she did was completely useless because the paper bag already wet and ready to rip out in any second loosing the cake away. 

Nora was coming home late because she's got a couple of reports waiting for the morning. She was kind of getting used to it for coming home around midnight so she took her time to visit the cake shop as soon as she left the office. It was her husband's birthday. 

A minutes later, the woman finally arrived in her car. Her clothes was damp, her hair sticks  uncomfortably against her neck. Nora couldn't think straight. She was exhausted both mentally and physically. She was also afraid. Her fingers  clutching into the steering wheel so tightly until her knuckles turning white as her mind collide with everything. Nora took a deep breath. Both of her eyes closed trying to hold back the unwanted tears that started to kick in everytime she exhaled. She hated it. She didn't like crying. She hated for being weak. She shouldn't be crying.


"Baekhyun.." His name rolled out her tongue softly. "What did you do?" She muttered slowly under her breath. Nora realized the pain was real and sharp scratching her heart everytime she called his name. And now she wasn't sure if she could drive home safely. Even inhaling some oxygen takes so much energy. 


If someone asked what is the biggest regret in your life then Nora would probably answer calling her husband on the night of his birthday. She put her phone against her ear as joy and happiness drew against her tired face. She was a little impatient, of course. She couldn't wait to went back home with a birthday cake and a warm greeting from her husband.

"Kyoong-a are you home al—" There was an excitement in her voice as she speak. But it doesn't last long because her words immediately stopped in her lungs when her ears caught another voice that seems like didn't belong to her husband. It was a woman voice. And how bad Nora wishing that she didn't hear it righ

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