chapter four

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       Human can endure any kind of pain, related to that, human also got a different pain tolerance. Starting from hitting your toe against the table, accidentally dislocated your bones, and many more. The more you hit your toe the more you will get used to it. But this time, the pain felt new to woman who was now sitting down against the porch with a dull stare. She just want to go home and having a warm bath with Mongryong patiently waiting and making sure she was okay.

Her tears was already stopped flowing but her heart still aches. She was planning to stay outside drowned against her own thoughts and maybe take a ride home with some bus or a cab until her ears caught a footsteps carefully walking up to her. 


"Nora? What are you doing outside? Its chilly" It was Baekwoo. He had a cigarette wrapped around his finger. Shortly after, he joined the woman to sit against the porch.

"Just need some air" She replied. Trying her best to hide her sadness against her voice. But it was too obvious.

"Oh— my, have you been crying? Nora, what happened?" Baekwoo's voice filled with concern as he wrapped his arm around the woman's shoulder in a comforting way.

"No.." She let out an awkward laugh. "My eyes was itchy and I scratch it off until it got watery.." And thats when he pull his arm away, back into his lap.

"What are you doing outside?" She questioned.

"As you see..." He blow off a smoke from his lips. "I'm kinda nervous though.. I'm getting married in a week"


Someone feels like has thrown a bucket of ice into her head down to her body as she heard every words that rolled out of his tongue. Her body froze. Baekwoo, the poor man, he doesn't know. His fiancee got an affair with her husband.

"O—Oh.. Congratulations.. Then? Have yo—you tell everybody?" Nora kept her gaze down. She was trying her best to speak clearly when its actually so hard to speak.

"I have. You'll come, right?"

"O—of course I will. But let me tell you something first—" The woman looked up, searching his eyes before continued to speak. 

"I saw your fiancee k—" She was never had the chance to finish her words becasue Baekhyun, his mother and Yerin was already on the front door ready to leave. It was around ten p.m.

Bakwoo rose up quickly from his seat, breaking away the eye contact so did Nora. Her eyes fell into

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