chapter five

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       "Baekhyun, I'm getting married next week.." The bright-atmosphere dinner session was finally over for both the man and the woman. Yerin, the woman catches his wrist, pulling the man she loves with almost of her heart towards the kitchen when she saw him walking towards the dining room after spending his time outside with Baekwoo. 

Baekhyun sighed. His eyes fall into the woman softly as his fingers went into her cheek, tucking a hair behind her ear lovingly. "I know.. Maybe we should stop seeing each other from now"

There was a wave of sadness pictured against her face. She didn't want him to leave her. Not yet. "What? No— I— Don't leave me.." 

"Listen" The man moves closer. Their body touched. "Loving you was a mistake, Yerin. Everytime I'm with you.. It was like being in a field of flowers that smells so good. Its comforting I admit. But I should stop inhaling before I get too addicted.."

"Should I tell Baekwoo about this? Maybe you should tell her too and get a divor—" She continued.

"Ssshh.. Don't you dare to talk like that. Okay?" Baekhyun replied softly. He had both of his eyes closed. The man was completely sure that his heart clenching when he talked about Nora in front of Yerin.

"But—" Yerin didn't even get the chance to finish her sentence because the man in front of her captured her lips together. It happened quickly with their lips moved perfectly against each other. 

And Nora, she had no idea about why she has to witness her husband kissing another woman on his mother kitchen. Baekwoo, the man is actually older than Baekhyun. But that doesn't mean both of the sibling didn't have any similarities. Yerin was actually prettier with those brown eyes, thin lips that looks similar to Nora. Maybe Nora should have married Baekwoo instead of Baekhyun. Or maybe she shouldn't marrying anyone at all.


It was Thursday on the afternoon when the woman  in her baby blue sweater decided to taking a day off this morning because her husband couldn't stop whining about his runny nose and sore throat. Now, the man rested his head against her thigh along with his eyes closed. He just took his medicine and finally drifted off to sleep after whining like a puppy.

Nora was the one behind the steering wheel when both of them went to the clinic. Sometimes its feel weird for driving when Baekhyun was beside her sitting on the passenger seat.  Last night, her husband went home aroun

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