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NOTE: There are some mature themes in this oneshot, however, I wouldn't consider them mature enough to need the actual warning. There are just some ual themes/references and no actual  scenes but I thought I'd mention them here just in case!


Ahn Chaeyoung was the poster girl of “I’m nice and let everyone walk over me all the time.” She by definition was everyone’s favorite person in school and no one ever had anything bad to say about her. It was almost like she was perfect, perfect and innocent. She could have any significant other she wanted and any friend too for that matter. The whole school, faculty included, loved her.   Everyone except for me. I, was not a nice girl. I had long since stopped letting people walk all over me. In middle school, I always tried to be the perfect student, never getting in trouble, always up to teachers because they thought I could do no wrong. But that also came with negative consequences, 80% of the time I was faking niceness to people’s faces because more times than not they weren’t being nice to me in return. Being nice basically meant I was everyone’s lap dog whenever they didn’t want to do something.   When I became a freshman I started to act up and become my true self. I felt free, I felt like me, I didn't have to fake my way through I didn't want to do anymore. Instead of being silent in class I’d talk freely constantly getting scolded by my teachers, I got into arguments with my self-proclaimed enemy Kim Doyoung all the time, some of those times we’d both end up in the principal’s office together. We both were strong headed and we the ways we thought often conflicted causing us to argue.   I started partying too. It was like I belonged there, drowning myself in alcohol whenever I wanted, surrounded by people but still alone.   Maybe not my wisest decisions but I had fun most of the time. And honestly, I haven’t had actual parental guidance in years so I’ve pretty much just done what I want. My parents were essentially rich, they tried many of times to force me into fancy schools but I always purposefully failed the many exams to get into them. So, starting in high school they placed me in my own apartment, alone.   My two other perfect siblings stayed with them. My brother, Hayoung, left last year to go to law school in America. My younger sister, Jisoo, goes to an all girl’s boarding school that’s probably already learning more advanced than I’ve ever seen.   But at least I was being me.   That’s basically how I met my two friends Yiyeon and Sohee. No one but those two knew that I lived on my own. I always hated admitting it but it was sort of an embarrassment that my parents would just kick me out to live on my own. They still supported me, kind of, but giving me money wasn’t what I wanted or needed. I just wanted them to accept me for me. Of course, I would never tell Yiyeon or Sohee that. I just let them believe that my parents think I’m mature enough to live on my own.   I’m not. I often get scared living on my own. Most of the time I just it up, but I often found myself inviting the two girls to stay the night. Up until I met my first boyfriend, then he would occasionally stay with me. But that relationship didn’t last long after we started sleeping together. He was trash and that’s all he really wanted, .   Then near the end of junior year I met Kang Taewoo. He was a senior at another school and we clicked right off the bat and we dated up until recently. Which brings me back to the fact that I hated Ahn Chaeyoung. I found out this weekend that Taewoo has been cheating on me for the past month and that Chaeyoung was the one he was cheating with. That was so two-faced.   She came to school and had the nerve to look me in the eye on multiple occasions knowing she was ing my boyfriend every other night. I wasn’t dumb, she knew, hell the whole school knew I was dating Taewoo. It was a well-known fact.   I confronted her about it quietly on today and she smiled at me innocently but her words mocked me, “No one will believe you if you say anything, so, maybe you should just, you know, not say anything at all?”   That’s the first time I had witnessed something so eerie come out of her lips. Her facial expressions seemed fake and so doll-like when she spoke to me, it made me wonder if it always looked like that and if anyone else had noticed? It made me so ing angry. The nerve she had to just pretend it didn’t happen when I clearly saw her and Taewoo, , together, and in my ing bed of all places. I couldn’t help the fire that burned in my veins as I stood up jabbing a finger in her direction.   “You lying !” I seethed, voice hard and loud causing our entire classroom to glance in our direction.   She continues to piss me off by tilting her head to the side, a fake confused and hurt look crossing her face. “I’m sorry, Sua. Did I say something to offend you?”   I scoff, the nerve of this , my fingers folding into a fist. I’m going to hit her, I swear to god.   “Sua, what’s wrong?” Yiyeon comes up to me grabbing ahold of my arm.   Chaeyoung bites her lip like the innocent she likes to pretend she is. “I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she suddenly started screaming at me.”   Sohee comes to the other side of me. “Sua, you should calm down first. I know you have anger issues but you shouldn’t take it out on poor Chaeyoung.”   “I don’t have anger issues.” Maybe that’s a lie, I sometimes did get angry easily like any other normal person but this was a ing given.   Chaeyoung clings onto Sohee’s wrist. “If I’m being honest this isn’t the first time she’s threatened me, she’s done it for months now. I’ve just been too scared to tell anyone.”   Sohee raises an eyebrow and glances at me seeming shocked. “Sua, are you bullying her?”   I gasp, “What the hell? No, I’m not.”   Yiyeon releases her hold on my arm. “Is this true?”   They both move to rest hands on her shoulders, Chaeyoung sending them each a small fake smile.   “I’m no bully, when have you guys ever seen me bully someone?” I ask them, completely surprised they are even entertaining this ridiculous idea. It some how amazed me how she could get anyone to believe anything that came out from between her lips.   Sohee sighs crossing her arms over her chest. “You bully Doyoung all the time.”   I scowl at the mention of his name, “I do not, he and I just fight all the time that’s it!” He had nothing to do with this.   Yiyeon rolls her eyes. “You literally call him Nerdy Bunny or Scrawny on a daily basis, how is that not bullying?” She scoffs, hands resting on her hips like she was my mother about to get onto me. “Quite frankly it’s always annoyed me that you spoke to him like that, he doesn’t deserve that, he’s a person too, you know?”   Her finger jabs me in the shoulder. I call Doyoung those names because he calls me names too. It was like a mutual disliking between us.   Sohee, who was taller and stockier than I was steps in between me and Chaeyoung. “Oh, no denying that huh?” Her hands reach out to shove me to the ground. “I knew you were all talk and nothing special the moment I met you.” I land on the ground, a gasp leaving my lips.   Sohee snorts, “You were only fun to hang out with because your parents are rich.”   She turns away from me and I quickly stand up. “You two are the real pieces of here, you’re supposed to be my friends and believe me but the moment I call her out on her I’m suddenly nothing to you.”   Yiyeon laughs lightly, “To be completely honest we never liked you, we just liked that you had money.”   I squint towards them moving to grip at Yiyeon’s shirt collar but our home room teacher comes in interrupting me.   “Baek Sua, what do you think you’re doing?” His voice echoes throughout the room.   Today I found out friends or maybe I never really ever had friends in the first place. I release my hold on Yiyeon's shirt, sending a glare towards Chaeyoung before glancing at the teacher, I couldn’t even bother with class right now, so I walk out.   I ended up in the library back in the corner because it was the only place I could think of to go. I never went to the library so no one would think to look for me here. I pull out my phone noticing a text from my mom.   From: Mother Jisoo graduates from her elementary school tomorrow and I know you got a letter from her teacher asking you to come. I’d ask you to come support her but I know you’ll only make us look like a disappointment, so please don’t show up.   I bite my lip, in a breath. Tears stinging in my eyes, I let the air out from between my lips slowly trying to keep the tears from dropping down my cheeks. If I cried I’d look weak and I don’t want people to think I’m weak, that’s what I’m afraid of most, because in this sick world people preyed on weak people for fun. I was a pro at forcing myself to not cry, but today just wasn’t my day for the tears spill from my eyes streaming down my cheeks.   “Hey dimwit.” I jump at the voice that came from behind me. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” My head whips towards Kim Doyoung, anxiety crawling up my throat at the sight of him. His forehead scrunches together, eyes squinting slightly as he looks at my face. me, I quickly turn away from him wiping at the tears on my face.   “Um, are you crying?”   “No.” I reply keeping my head turned away.   I hear him sigh, “Clearly you are.”   I scoff, turning to face him. “Okay so I am, there happy?” I glare at him. “Now is really not the time for you to try and pick a fight with me, okay?”   He raises his hands in submission. “I wasn’t going to, Jesus.”   I send him a look. “Anytime the two of us have a conversation it turns into a fight, Doyoung.”   He shrugs nodding his head. “I mean, you aren't wrong.”   “What do you want anyways?” I cross my arms over my chest. Sohee’s words about how I bullied him echoing through my mind. Had I actually been bullying him this entire time?   He shrugs as a reply, “I just never see you in the library, so it was odd.”   I sit back down and he just awkwardly stands there for a few seconds. “Um, well I guess I’ll-.”   “Does it feel like I bully you?” I interrupt him, my words soft and it felt so unusual coming out of my mouth. “Do I bully you?” I clear my throat, voicing it more firmly.   He snorts, “What do you mean?”   I deadpan, “Doyoung, am I a bully? Am I your bully?”   He snorts which then turns into a full on soft laugh, his lips spreading to the point I could see his gums. It was so freaking dorky. “Do you think you bully me?”   I let my eyes move from him over to my table in front of me. “No, but I don’t know anymore, maybe I was being unnecessarily mean?”   He pulls out the chair across from me and sits down like he was sizing me up. “Does this have something to do with the fact that you were crying earlier?”   I growl under my breath, “Would you just answer my question already?”   “No, I don’t consider you my bully?” He rolls his eyes. “I mean, yeah you’re mean to me sometimes but I’m mean right back.” He shrugs. “I like to think of it as a game.”   Of course, he would think that way.   I go silent, at this point I wanted to rub it in their faces that Doyoung himself said I wasn’t a bully to him. But I honestly didn’t want their pity now?   “Are you okay?” My eyes raise back to Doyoung who was leaning a bit closer now.   “It’s just been a day,” I remark, adding a low snort on before saying, “A weekend honestly.”   He hums, “Want to talk about it?”   Honestly if I didn’t tell him myself he’d find out by next period anyways. That I went off on Ahn Chaeyoung, the girl that everyone loves.   My eyes lower to the table. “My boyfriend, he cheated on me.”   “Oh.” Doyoung’s voice shockingly has a tad bit of remorse in it. “I’m sorry.”   I laugh lightly. “It’s not your fault.” I let my eyes raise back to him. “He cheated with Ahn Chaeyoung.”   Doyoung doesn’t seemed shocked or surprised which makes my stomach churn a bit. Would he call me a liar too? He doesn’t say anything waiting for me to continue.   “I tried to call her out in homeroom today, but she acted like she was innocent.” I scoff my hands banging against the table. “I clearly saw her and him, , together, on my bed of all places.”   My fingers fold into my palm, “And then I got told by my supposed friends that I was a bully, that I’ve been bullying Chaeyoung and you for a long time.”   After that I go silent. I didn’t feel like diving into my parent issues, it felt too personal for someone like Doyoung to hear.   “Well they sound like ty friends.” He leans back in his chair.   “Do you actually believe me when I say he cheated with Chaeyoung?” I raise an eyebrow. “Or do you too think she can do no wrong?”   He hums leaning forward again, arms resting on the table as he does. “I believe you, you’re not one to lie about something like this, Sua.” He runs a hand through his black hair. “Even in times when you could’ve lied to save face or get out of trouble you’ve always been honest, from what I've seen anyways. So, why would you lie about this?” His hand rests back on the table. “Plus Chaeyoung is, how do I put it nicely, fake? There’s a lot of times where she comes off as passive aggressive.”   My stomach stops churning at his words, why and how did he know me better than my own friends and family?   “I’m glad to know at least you believe me. No one else will, by the end of this period I’ll be a social outcast. More so than I already was.” I lean back in my chair.   “Eh, senior year will be over in no time, then you won’t have to see any of their faces again.” He smirks playfully.   “True, graduation can’t get here soon enough.” I huff.   The bell rings causing Doyoung to look at his watch. “Well I guess that’s my cue to leave then.”   “Thanks, you nerdy bunny,” I smirk towards him.   He squints towards me but in a playful manner. “Anytime, dimwit.”   Surprisingly I didn't hate to admit the fact that Doyoung wasn't as bad as I thought he was.   -   Throughout the week I found myself bugging Doyoung during his library-aide duty more often than showing up to class and by Friday I had four detentions that I’d have to make up next week. But it was worth it since I didn’t have to see Chaeyoung, Yiyeon, and Sohee’s faces during that whole hour.   On Saturday, I found myself getting out of a taxi, a bag in my hand as I lifted my phone to my face. This was it, I had arrived at Doyoung’s apartment. I found out his address from an underclassmen named Donghyuck. I had to bribe him for it but it was worth it.    I knock on Doyoung’s apartment door and patiently wait for someone to open it. Once Doyoung does he stares at me confused, “What are you doing here?”   I shrug, “I was bored.” I shove past him entering his apartment.   “Yah!” He quickly shuts the door coming around to stop me from advancing further into his place.   “What?” I pout, honestly this was laughable, I was so lonely that I was forcing myself into the place of someone who didn't really like me.   He rolls his eyes. “Fine, you can stay for a little bit.”   I smirk at him slipping off my shoes, even though my face displayed cockiness, I was grateful that he gave in so easily. “Oh, we won’t be here long, get dressed in something nice!”   “What? Why?” He groans softly, eyes rolling like he usually did.   “We’re going to a party, that’s why!”   He laughs sarcastically. “No,” he gestures between us, “We’re not.”   “Please!” I grab his hand that he had held out between us. “Taewoo is going to be there, and I have this great outfit, and I want to show off what he’s missing out on!”   Doyoung rolls his eyes again. “Why do I have to go?” He seems irritated but not as much as usual, so I felt that I already had him partially winned over.   I sheepishly smile, “I have no friends. You’re the only other person I know, the only person I have.” I did have a few other acquaintances that I'd consider friends but they were busy with college so he really was all I had.   “Why can’t you go alone?” He pulls his hand from mine.   “Okay, I’ll go alone, and hope I don’t get harassed by any college men that are way too old for me.” I sigh, putting the pout back on my lips to add to the effect.   His hand moves to cover my face shoving it away with an annoyed sigh. “Ugh, fine. We aren’t staying for long, alright?”   “Yay!” I cheer happily, “Where’s your bathroom? I need to change!”   -   I come out of the bathroom and notice Doyoung is dressed in all black, hair slightly styled differently than he wore to school. Not bad, I hum to myself notfying him of my return to the living room.   His eyes widen, “Wha-what are you wearing?”   I glance down at my two piece outfit, a short pencil skirt and a crop top that to say the least showed a lot of skin, “What does it look bad? I thought I looked good in it?” I tug at the skirt as it rode up a bit as I walked into the living room. “This is the first time I’m wearing something like this.”   His eyes trail up and down my body once more stopping on my s, “You-your s, they are-they are are barely even covered! How can you wear that?”   I couldn’t help but let out a giggle at his words. “Relax Doyoung, it’s just s, not like you haven’t seen any before.” I remark, it wasn't like he wasn't popular at school. I mean any person with eyes could tell he was handsome. I knew of quite a few people, girls and boys, who'd love to crawl into bed with him, and probably already have.   His eyes dart down to my chest once more before he closes them and turns away muttering something under his breath.   “Anyways, ready to go?” I grab my purse moving towards the door.   -   At the party I recognize a few people from when Taewoo and I used to come together. A few of them waved, a few of them just stared, and a majority of them didn't even pay enough attention to notice I was here, which was normal. Doyoung seems antsy, like he had never been to a party before, which doesn’t really surprise me, he doesn’t seem like the party type. Plus I had never seen him at one before.   Once inside the hallway Doyoung sticks close to me, while my eyes roam the place in search of Taewoo. All I really cared about was him seeing me in this outfit and realizing he ed up. The minute I saw him with Chaeyoung he became such a turn off to me. So, this wasn’t a case of “I’m trying to win him back” it was a pure revenge of sorts. And well to be fair, I wasn't exactly super attached to Taewoo in the first place, I was sort of just with him because I was lonely. Which may have been reason enough for him to cheat on me but you know that's still a move on his part.   My eyes find Taewoo with his best friend, he doesn’t see me at first but his best friend does judging by the way he looks me up and down three or so times before nudging Taewoo to look. Taewoo smirks and pushes himself off the wall coming towards me. Perfect, I turn and head into the kitchen, a smirk forming on my lips. It’s working.   Doyoung leans closer to me once we’re in a less crowded space up against the counter. “We’re leaving in an hour and a half max.”   I snort, I really only needed ten minutes, “That’s more than enough time.”   “Sua, baby.” Taewoo’s voice calls from behind me. I send Doyoung a wide smirk, which causes him to look behind me. I turn and face Taewoo, his eyes raking down my body immediately. His hand moves up to rest on my hip but surprising both me and Taewoo, Doyoung's hand reaches up to slap it away causing us to glance at him.   “Who’s this?” Taewoo hums glancing back at me.   That’s when an idea crosses my mind. A smile forms on my face as I wrap my arms around Doyoung’s arm pulling it to my chest. “This is my boyfriend.”   Taewoo’s jaw slacks eyes moving back to Doyoung who has stiffened up because of my words. My hand squeezes his arm to get him to be less obvious.   He clears his throat, “And who are you?”   Taewoo smirks, “I’m her boyfriend.”   I laugh under my breath, “Ex-boyfriend you mean. I don’t with cheaters.”   Taewoo pouts playfully, “Come on baby, why would you pretend to date this little boy over me?”   I could literally feel Doyoung scoff, “Little boy?”   I bite my lip, oh, that was the wrong move Taewoo, you did not want to get on Doyoung's bad side.   Taewoo turns to Doyoung. “Not now, the adults are talking.”   Doyoung steps in front of me, I purse my lips amused at his actions. Doyoung wasn’t someone you picked a fight with easily, he was really good with words.   “Please," Doyoung scoffs. "Why don't you stop trying to intimidate me because of your inferiority complex, she clearly wanted someone to love her better than you ever could.” His voice lowering a few octaves which I’m not going to lie, was really ing hot. I hadn’t ever heard him use that tone, not even when he and I fought.    “Bunny,” I hum dropping part of the usual nickname I called him to sound more sweet. “Don’t let him get under your skin.”   Taewoo's eyes search between us, “Why don’t you two come play a game of truth or dare with us?” His eyes moving to mine. “I just find it really hard to believe that you two are actually dating. I know your type, Sua.” His eyes darting to Doyoung. “And he’s not it.”   “Fine, we will.” I reply, raising an eyebrow. Right now Doyoung was way more attractive than he ever was.   Taewoo heads off to get more people to play and Doyoung turns to me. “What the is going on?” Eyes dropping to my arms still wrapped around his own arm.   I shrug releasing my hold on his arm. “What do you mean?”   “I didn’t agree to becoming your fake boyfriend!” He exclaims, face contradicting his soft voice.   I mean he wasn’t wrong. “What’s wrong with pretending?”   He snorts not amused. “What’s wrong?” He seems flabbergasted. “They are going to make us play truth or dare? We haven’t rehearsed any storyline for our relationship.”   I shrug, what was the big deal? I mean I guess I get it, but still. “Then we’ll just have to constantly choose dare.”   He deadpans, his pupils almost look like they are shaking, “Then they’ll make us do couple stuff!”   I giggle under my breath, I hadn’t ever heard it referred to as couple stuff when it came to dares. “You mean like kissing?”   “Yeah, exactly!” He seems almost nervous about this whole predicament. It was kind of cute.   “So what? It’s just a kiss. We’ll be fine.” My eyes watching as Taewoo drags a few girls into a circle.   Doyoung runs a hand through his hair. “No, we’ll only choose truth and I’ll form up some sort of plan.”   “What you scared to kiss me? Afraid you’ll like it to much?” I tease, eyes darting back over to him, nudging his side.   A look crosses his face, one that makes me think he took this as a challenge. “Fine, we’ll do dares then.” His hands slap onto his thighs giving up.   I laugh under my breath, he was too easy to persuade.   -   Doyoung and I sat beside each other, there were six other people in a circle around us. Two of those being Taewoo and his best friend. They each went around the circle coming up with dares and truth questions for everyone and when it got to Doyoung I felt him freeze up.   Taewoo’s best friend was the one asking, so we weren’t lucky our first go around. “Truth or dare?”   Doyoung swallows, “Truth.” My head whips towards him. What the happened to all dares? I let out a low sigh, he's a chicken.   He smirks, glancing at Taewoo before clearing his throat. “Are you really dating Sua?”   “Yeah.” Doyoung hums out shoulders relaxing. He could easily lie, but we couldn't formulate a legitimate relationship when neither of us had planned anything. Plus it's going to look weird constantly choosing truth.   “Boring.” Taewoo rolls his eyes glancing at me. “Sua, truth or dare?”   I glance at Doyoung and then back at Taewoo who wore a huge smirk on his face, I can't embarrass myself now that he thinks Doyoung's my boyfriend. “Dare.” I saw Doyoung glance at me out of the corner of my eye.   “Make out with your so-called boyfriend. It better be passionate too or I’m calling it fakes.” Taewoo his head to the side.   I glance at Doyoung who was stiff again. I glance back at Taewoo, “You’re such an , we haven’t had our first kiss yet but now it’s got to be in front of all of you.” To which Taewoo just shrugs uneffective by my words.   I was trying to cover up for the awkwardness that was about to happen between Doyoung and I. I let out a low breath before moving to stand on my knees, moving in front of Doyoung who quickly looks up at me. I move closer, sitting myself on his lap, knees on each side of his hips, my skirt scrunching up a bit as I do, his eyes are wide and his hands are immediately moving into the air not knowing what to do.   I lean forward, “Relax would you, it’s just making out.” I murmur into his ear.   I felt him let out a breath against my ear, “Easy for you to say, I haven’t ever kissed anyone before.”   I pull back quickly to look him in the face, his face screamed to me that he was having an internal break down. What? Then that meant he was a too?   I lean forward again, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know." I close my eyes, , this can't happen. Damn, I should've never said he was my boyfriend. "We don’t have to do this then. I don’t want to steal your first kiss.”   He shakes his head as I pull back, leaning back towards my ear, “It’s alright, just do it.” He hums quietly. “I can’t wait to see the look on that guy’s face once it’s over.”   I smirk to myself, Doyoung was always one to be compeitive but still, this was his first kiss.   “Are you sure?” I pull back and he nods firmly, eyes focusing on mine.   “Hurry up already!” Taewoo scoffs from behind us but I ignore him.   My hands grab Doyoung’s moving them to my hips, my left hand moves to rest on his cheek guiding him down towards my lips. His eyes slowly narrow as he begins to close them and I press my lips onto his. At first he seems lost and I have to guide him through it, the kiss makes sense it is something that would happen between an experienced and inexperienced person. This I imagine was how my first boyfriend felt kissing me the first time.   But even then it wasn’t bad, though his lips were beginning to press too hard so I let my hand move behind his neck to lightly tug him back. This was supposed to be making out but we haven’t gotten there yet. So, I let my hands move into his hair trying to get him to let out a moan or anything that would get him to open his mouth. When the hair didn’t work I move my hips, my skirt inching further up until my underwear touched his crotch, I could feel the hard on he was sporting. Another thing that surprised me, it was a little dumb of me but it took me until now to realize that Kim Doyoung was a fully functioning male. I only ever saw him as an enemy, never as an actual person with a life. It kind of made me feel like a . Maybe Yiyeon and Sohee were right, maybe in some way I was mean to Doyoung.   Doyoung's lips open as my hips grind into his and he lets out a grunt into my lips, fingers digging in my hips which draws me from my thoughts. My lips fit between his, tongue darting into his mouth to . He isn’t sure what to do in return so he just keeps his tongue to himself. Which was probably best in this case, but his hands do get brave as they pull my hips against his again. One hand raising up my skin causing it to burn at his touch, I’m not sure if he meant to but his hand brushes against my on its way to my neck causing me to shudder.   His other squeezes my trying to pull me against him again and I push him away causing him to fall flat on his back. His eyes are wide with embarrassment, like he had did something wrong. But I just lean over him pressing my lips into his again, hips resting back on his in a steady movement causing him to moan into my mouth again, hands flying to my hips.   “Okay, okay, we get it!” A girl taps me on the shoulder a couple of times causing me to break away from him to glance back at her. “No need to right here in the open, get a room.”   My eyes widen slightly as I quickly maneuver my way off of Doyoung who lies dazed in place, my hands quickly pulling my skirt back down. Taewoo and his best friend are gone so I assume we won. I swallow, awkwardly looking towards the girl who seems embarrassed for us. Oh, I hadn't realized they had left, I clear my throat noding towards the girl.   I quickly slap Doyoung’s thigh which causes him to sit up. “I think it’s time we leave.” The ride in the taxi back to my place is quiet. Once we arrive I slip out and he tells the taxi driver to wait as he gets out too.   “Um, thank you.” I bow my head towards him. It was the least I could do, since I seemed to have ruin any chance of being friends with him now.   “Yeah.” He hums quietly. “You better go.” He gestures towards my apartment complex. “Here.” He pulls off his black jacket handing it to me.   I gladly take it as he slips back into the car. I think I may have ruined what Doyoung and I had. Our frenemies thing, I think it was over. I think I’ll probably be ignored starting Monday. I slip into my apartment once I’m on my floor. Alone. Like I always end up.   “There’s only four months left of school anyways, Sua. You can do it.” I tell myself, leaning back against my door. “Just act like you usually do.”   Only I couldn’t for come Monday I was the hottest topic of the school. Not only was I hated by almost everyone for being “mean” to Chaeyoung but I also gained a new name for myself.   “What a .” Someone says towards their friend their eyes on me as I walk by them. At first I wasn’t sure what they meant as I hadn’t seen it yet. There were so many eyes on me that for the first time in a while I didn’t feel confident roaming the halls of the school. When I make it to my classroom everyone goes quiet when I walk in the room. I stop staring at everyone, each and every one of them avoiding eye contact with me, turning to whisper to their friends or seat mates.   Something crawls up my throat causing the air in my lungs to be out. I don't understand what I did to deserve this? I sit down next to my seat mate Eunbyul who was asleep on her desk, it’s normal for her to do this, so it was the least most shocking thing in this classroom. Sohee approaches me once I’ve sat my bag down.   “Hey.” She smiles a small smile, one that was almost evil.   I ignore her grabbing ahold of my tie messing with it nervously until she tsks. “You know, you’re really trash.”   My eyes dart up from my tie to her still not saying anything.   “A trashy little .” She clicks her tongue. “You cheated on Taewoo.”   I open my mouth, laughter spilling out of my lips, this was about Taewoo? I thought maybe something else had happened, my confidence reappears at her statement. “No, I didn’t. He cheated on me, with Chaeyoung.” I say matter-of-factly.   “Don’t ing lie.” Her voice condescends me as she pulls out her phone. “Look,” She jabs it towards my face. “You .” My eyes glance down at her phone to a video that was playing. As soon as my eyes land on the baby blue outfit on the girl in the video my eyes double is size. What the hell? There on her phone was a video of me on top of Doyoung at the party on Saturday looking less than innocent. The video quality wasn’t the best but you could tell it was me, but because of the angle you couldn’t tell it was Doyoung.   She pulls it back. “Wanna lie to my face again?”   Still this was nothing to lose confidence over, I had in fact made out with him in front of all those people at the party, my classmates knowing is no big deal, so long as they don't find out it's Doyoung. He didn't deserve to be dragged into this because of me.   I cross my arms over my chest. “Taewoo cheated on me, we broke up over a week ago. That video is from this weekend. So, therefore I’m not a cheater.” I say calmly.   She scoffs, “What a lying .”   I lean back in my chair. “It’s okay, you don’t have to believe me. But I’m not lying.”   She rolls her eyes sauntering off. Meanwhile my heart pounds in my chest, even though what I had done was nothing for me to be ashamed of I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Now I was the school on top of everything. Never before did I feel that sleeping around was humilating but seeing how people treat you after you supposedly do just sort of breaks you down and makes you humilated. What was wrong with it?   But that wasn’t even the worst.   Chaeyoung approaches my desk and sits down a small business card with a number on it. “Here, you might need this.”   “What exactly is this?” I remark unamused at her fake niceness, not even bothering to entertain the idea of looking at the card.   “It’s just I heard about your work as a, you know,” She leans closer as if she were going to whisper but her voice comes out clear as day for everyone in the room to hear. “e.” I felt my insides twist at her statement.   “I’m not a e?” I exclaim quickly.   “I am by no means judging you," She grins one of her fake grins, hiding a partial smirk. "But I thought you could use this number to turn yourself in before things get worse.” And with that she’s moving back to her desk.   Our homeroom teacher enters the room his eyes moving to me, a police officer at his side. “Baek Sua, you’re needed in the principal’s office.”   I felt my cheeks burn in embarrassment as I walk to the front of the classroom. The female police officer smiles at me, but I could tell she was judging me through the way her eyes examined me from head to toe. In the hall way she escorts me towards the office and on our way there we cross paths with Doyoung who was on his library aid duties of handing out late-book slips.   He stares between the two of us confused and I lower my head mortified even though he knows better than anyone the truth of what happened in the video. Once inside the principal’s office I realize it’s just me and the police officer, the principal wasn't even here.   I sit down across from her and she reaches out to rest a hand on mine like she was trying to seem more my age or to appear as someone who cared for me, when really she didn't give a single about me. “I suppose you know why you are here.”   I shake my head, genuinely confused. “I’m not aware.” Was it because I skipped classes last week?   She hums seeming to not believe me. “We got a report about you being involved in ion." My heart drops into my stomach, even the faculty knew about the video? "You do know it is illegal to sell your body, right, Sua?”   I swallow, lowering my eyes, “I’m not selling myself.” Had they called my parents about this? , if they did, I'm so ing screwed. True or not. God, I should've never begged Doyoung to go with me, no, I should've listened to him and not went at all.   She squeezes my hand, “You don’t have to lie to me, besides there is the video.”   She puts it on display on her phone and I glance back at her. My survival instincts kick in per the usual. “So what? I made out with someone? How does that make me a e?”   She clicks her tongue. “Sua, we take ion very seriously, especially since you’re underage.”   I scoff, pulling my hand out from under her’s as it was pressed on top of mine again. “I’m not a e.” I glance around the room. “Do my parents know I’m being held in here and questioned by a police officer without them being present?” My eyes bore through hers to which she blinks back, I wasn't sure what that meant?   I’m not sure I want to hear her reply. But before she can there’s a knock on the door, oh god, here it goes. She stands up to open it and I don’t even bother looking over to see who it is, because if it was my parents I would be dead just from one of their glares.   “The principal’s not here right now, come again later.” She suggests causing me to breathe, it wasn't them, but I notice whoever she was talking to enter the room anyways. My eyes leave the table to look up to see Doyoung standing beside the couch, eyes focused on me.   What was he doing here?   “Excuse me, young man, this is a police investigation.” She steps around to look at him.   “What about?” Doyoung asks glancing at her but he answers his own question when he sees the frozen frame of the end of the video on her phone. He quickly picks it up watching it through. “What is this?” Eyes meet with mine, his cheeks red, as his eyes dart to her.   The police officer sighs, “I’m guessing it hasn’t spread to you yet,” She grabs her phone from his hand. “Your classmate has been ing herself.” She gestures towards the video.   Doyoung scoffs, eyes squinting as he seems taken back, “And how exactly did you come to that conclusion?”   The woman shakes her head. “The video and a report made.”   He laughs, eyes dropping to the phone, “The video?”   She looks at him like he is dumb, I cross my arms over my chest, she’s the real dumb one. “Yeah, the video.”   “What’s the video prove? She’s making out with someone, they aren’t sleeping together, and you don’t even know his age? There’s no proof of him paying her either. It’s groundless!” He spits at her, a hand jabbing towards her phone, another resting on his hip as he gets worked up over something that he's not even really a part of even though he kind of was.   “We have the report to back things up.” The police officer claims, arms crossing over her chest not impressed with Doyoung's attitude towards her.   “Oh, really, what did the report say, huh?” Doyoung urges her to continue, tongue clicking in his mouth.   She raises her eyebrow towards him. “That she slept with the guy in the video after he paid her to.”   Doyoung can't help but cackle under his breath, “No, she didn’t, that’s complete bull.”   “Doyoung, no need to get yourself in trouble too.” I mumble, I kept him out of this for a reason.   She agrees with me asking him to leave, eyes moving to me before sitting down across from me again. “For now we are searching for the man in the video, he’ll prove that we are right.”   Doyoung claps his hands together. “It’s your lucky day then, I’m the guy in the video.”   Both of our heads whip up towards him. “You’re what?” Her eyes widen as Doyoung crosses his arms over his chest. I let out a low sigh at his words, he's an idiot, he could've gotten off scott free had he just left when she told him to.   “Yeah, I’m him, and no I didn’t pay for because all we did was make out. It was a game of truth or dare that her ex-boyfriend wanted us to play and she was dared to make out with me.” He says anger present in his voice. “Her ex probably got pissed and made the report. Sua, isn’t a e or a liar for that matter.”   My heart sinks, but I am a liar. I made Doyoung into my pretend boyfriend to get back at my ex-boyfriend. I turned him into a liar too even if it was just for one night.   She picks up her phone again examining the boy in the video and comparing him to Doyoung. “How can I be sure it’s you? Why were you both there? High schoolers should not be at a party.”   I sigh annoyed now that Doyoung had ruined his chances of getting out of this, “I begged Doyoung to go to the party with me so I could show off in front of my ex-boyfriend Taewoo. Then when Taewoo got all cocky I told him Doyoung was my boyfriend even though he isn't, Taewoo didn't believe me and wanted us to prove that we were dating and thus, we were dared to make out.”   After more questioning we were finally released. She makes sure we both get back to our classrooms so it gave us no time to talk. When I enter mine everyone’s eyes are on me again.   I was cleared of being a e in the law's eyes but they didn’t know that yet. The female cop enters the classroom behind me standing beside me. “Baek Sua has been cleared of the charges, please refrain from calling her names. Thank you.”   It was a bit too late for that, people were going to call me names now, because regardless the video still existed. No one knew it was Doyoung either except for her. I sit back in my seat once she’s gone and zone out.   -   At lunch I sat by myself like I had been the past week, everyone avoided my table like the plague. My seatmate Eunbyul was lying with her head on the table asleep at the table behind me but she was the closest person to me since everyone sat at least a table’s length away.   I lower my head picking at my rice as a tray is sat down across from mine. I glance up full on expecting it to be Chaeyoung here to taunt me some more but it’s not her, it’s Doyoung.   “Are you sure you should sit with me?” I ask him to which he roll his eyes. I shrug at his gesture, “You’re just asking to become an outcast too. What about your friends?”   I glance over in his friends direction. Yuta, Ten, and Kun’s were all conversing amongst themselves in their usual seats.   “They’ll be fine without me.” He mumbles picking up his chopsticks.   “Why did you tell the police officer it was you in the video?” My question causing him to pause, eyes moving from his tray to me.   “Because it was.” He takes a bite of his rice. “Plus I mean it’s complete bull that that was even assumed.”   “But why would you stick up for me?” I remark, eyes lowering to my own tray
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