LayDZhang's Project Collection



Welcome to the world of "LayDZhang's Project Collection" in which where you could find my drawings, sketches, poems, etc which is not a part of my story but connected to it in some ways.


The drawings I will post here are from my old and new collections and they are mostly inspired by my favorite artists and there are also some original ideas. I hope you will like them! ❤️





Since I was a child I love drawing and it's the main reason why I'm always drawn to anime and the Japanese culture. Back in high school, I discovered this Japanese form of art and literature called "manga". The reason it got my interest was because of the unique plot which is very different from the stories I used to read plus the illustrations and techniques used are very clear added by the rich black ink that made it even more detailed and powerful.



So I was a member of this popular artist's fan club on SNS and I saw many people posting their artworks which are all very creative and suddenly I got an idea from seeing their works..


There are many reasons why I decided to do this but I'll just narrow it down to three.



1) I want to get back on what I lost. I don't exactly remember when did I lost my passion to continue working on this but I realized that I need to and I have to.


2) I want to challenge myself. I want to do the things I never did before and this is the first step of it.


3) Other than making a story, I also want to show my creative side. I also want to inspire someone for those who's hesitating because they lack the confidence and because they thought they aren't good enough. Well, I have to admit that my drawings aren't perfect but also not bad but still, I'm proud of sharing what I'm capable of doing for people to open their eyes and appreciate arts in different perspective.



As the famous saying goes:


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Proofreading my abandoned works.


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Chapter 3: Thank you for posting your drawings...they're really nice & I can't wait to see more!
It's always nice and uplifting seeing someone wanting to visualise their stories or base stories on their drawings/paintings and find their passion again. Heck, I do it as well, and develop from there, or even if it is only a possible cover. I hope you keep up the good work!