A Scene From TPL ( Manga Version )

LayDZhang's Project Collection


Arisa Tokatsu(Jihyo) gets back on her consciousness to find herself inside a bathroom she has never seen before.

If you'll notice, the ink of the pen I used already faded with time so the words are quite hard to read.

Note: I just used an ordinary pen here but the scanner app made it clear. 



Here's what the caption says:


"The water flows like electricity on her skin that strikes every inch of the unconscious body with the warmth it gives."

"I can sense a strange feeling that's absent in any human being."

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Proofreading my abandoned works.


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Chapter 3: Thank you for posting your drawings...they're really nice & I can't wait to see more!
It's always nice and uplifting seeing someone wanting to visualise their stories or base stories on their drawings/paintings and find their passion again. Heck, I do it as well, and develop from there, or even if it is only a possible cover. I hope you keep up the good work!