Precious Slave

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Sakura, a hermaphrodite orphan, was sold as a slave when she was a small kid. At 12, she was saved by Eunbi, the future Queen of the Tokkiz Kingdom. Being fond of by the Royal couple, she was gradually entangled in the complicated relationship between the Queen and her husband.



A story that happened on the Fourth Realm Continent in the 48 Dimension of Earth. Cistumon Empire from the North has shown enormous ambition in conquering the whole continent. The Arukas Kingdom was among the first to fall, despite the military assistance of its best alliance, the Tokkiz Kingdom, and forcibly incorporated into the Cistumon Empire. Being Arukas's immediate neighbor, Tokkiz now has to face the direct threat. Princess Eunbi, the sole heir to the Tokkiz throne, served as Regent when she turned 18. She pledged to reform and save Tokkiz before it was too late. 



One year before Eunbi assumed the duty as Regent, she accidentally saved Sakura, a hermaphrodite child slave whose past was a mystery. Sakura was kept to serve the Royal couple as s/he grew up. She was given the chance to fully develop her potentials but also become a point of competition/conflict between the Queen and the Prince Consort. Secretly, Sakura fell for the Queen while also developing a "bromance" with the Prince Consort. At the end of the day, all evidence that Eunbi collected led her to believe that there must be an intertwined destiny that is shared between them, and the precious slave was probably the key to unlock the future for the revival of Arukas as well as the survival of Tokkiz.




This may be my last fanfic before zozi. I am not sure if I will continue to write fanfic after that, so I think I must start early. However, the other side of me wish this fic will never be finished.

I would like to have a few words about the origin of "Precious Slave". It is the adaptation of a martial art plot that I have passionately trying to write decades ago. Its original name was "Heaven's Daughter".Reading and writing fanfic have expanded my scope and my cosmo, and I am here to reveal a little secret: although I have enjoyed angst and a lot, I am particularly fascinated by 2 genres: action/epic and fantasy (werewolf/vampire/mage). I fascinate these stories so much that I want to write one of my own. And the stories I am listing below are those that have inspired me to write "Precious Slave":

Action/epic: Engage, P.R.I.S.O.N., A.G.E.N.T: Agent Seven, This is Me, Save Me, Captain Kwon, Burnin' Fire, Closer

Fantasy (werewolf/vampire/mage): (Monsters, Shut Up and Kiss, There She Was, 1004, Last Minute).

You should have noticed that I also put G!P in the tag. I am not particularly for G!P, but I changed my mind after reading the converted fic Not so Different. I think it is a pretty interesting genre and it matches my original plot and gave a valid background for the new plot. So I want to thank the authors of the above fics one by one:



I want to give a big thanks to D00bydab for her to have generously shared with me her knowledge and principles in mage fiction writing. And her Last Minute has definitely inspired me.

Lastly, I see this as my last gift to IZ*ONE as they have been my muse in the past 2 years, and my love for them will live on forever in my stories.


Warning and Disclaimer:

There may be lots of descriptions and discussions on uality, but this is not an M fic (there will be M scenes though). If you have a problem with interuality or gender bender, please skip this fic.

This is going to be a long and unconventional story. There will be NO simple lovey-dovey fanfic ship, there are lots of struggles and agonies throughout the whole story. There will be more than one ship throughout the story (we have 12 girls in IZ*ONE), and there will be a change of ships due to the change of circumstances. Please skip this fic if you don't feel comfortable with it.


Please note that the age of 12 girls in this story doesn't match their actual age. I have changed it according to the characters' age. While their age is changed, so does the chemistry among them. Please skip this fic if you are not comfortable with it. Age of the main characters when the story begins:

Eunbi 17
Jaeyeon 20
Sakura 12
Chaewon 30
Kwangbae 22
Nako 21
Yuri 27
Yena 30
Hyewon 31

I need to apologize that I may not update for a long time because I have started a new teaching job. It's only for 1 semester so I will be back when winter comes. Thank you for waiting.
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