Next Time

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Iseul’s next door neighbor never failed to make her evenings the worst with his loud gaming sessions. One evening while somewhat drunk, she confronts him for the first time and discovers that her neighbor was the convenience store employee she has a crush on - Baekhyun.


Hello, nice to see you here! I started writing again after a while and thought up of this cute idea involving Baekhyun. After watching Workman on YouTube, I pretty much got inspired to write this one-shot. 

There's not much to warn you of but there will be cursing (probably less than five curse words). And because I haven't written in awhile, you can expect some errors too.


The one-shot will be posted a bit later on, so hang tight there! ^^

301 SUBSCRIBERS HOLY CRAP??1!? I'm still shocked at how this story is still receiving love! Thank you all so much ;___;
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