Garden in The Air

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As time passes, the same dream frequently appears during Yeonbin’s slumber involving her and an unknown man. And with a major accident that leaves her in and out of consciousness, it blurs into a reality as she encounters Doctor Byun Baekhyun, who later claims to be her soulmate.



Hello! After winning a poll in my previous story, Lovingly Made, I now bring you, Garden in The Air! With my interest in the healthcare field and wanting to try out the soulmate trope, I thought why not combine both ideas? I’ve found myself interested in numerous medical K-dramas recently, which prompted me to make this for my visual needs (Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you tolerate me being annoying). Adding on to that, because your girl has the strongest tendency to get visually inspired, Baekhyun's entire look throughout this story is based off of his Delight era, Burberry ambassador + Harper's Bazaar 2020 pictorial, and SuperM's ELLE 2020 pictorial. And not to forget the infamous and iconic Unfair stage where we got our first glimpse of Doctor Byun! :3

Baekhyun's cover for BoA’s Garden in The Air also plays a part in this story (as you can tell lmao). His voice was absolutely dreamy, especially in the beginning.

The content within the story includes (brief/descriptive): blood, injuries, death, medical procedures, /suggestive content, cursing, and more. Please read at your own risk.

It is also inevitable there will be inaccuracies regarding certain aspects within the medical field as my experiences with hospitals are incredibly limited, so research and shared experiences are my only sources of knowledge. However, medicine will not be the entire basis of the story.

I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

Garden in The Air || Chapter 012 is here~ I’m alive finally and please share your thoughts, thank you <3
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