Lovingly Made

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There’s Eunseo, the hopeless romantic artist. And there’s Baekhyun, the loveless city boy. As Baekhyun moves into the seaside area, their crossed paths prompt an opportunity for them to experience love outside of their perceptions.






Hello, hello! My obsession with aesthetics and habit of making posters out of boredom have prompted me to write this multi-chaptered story. I've been mainly inspired by the aesthetics from the K-dramas, When the Camellia Blooms (which is funny because I haven't even started it), It's Okay to Not Be Okay (which, I TOTALLY recommend), Baekhyun's Delight era, and EXO 'PRESENT' : The Moment photobook. I think at this point, I get visually inspired to create stories lmao.

I hope you enjoy what's to come! ^^


Lovingly Made || 313 subscribers and I managed to win the bid! 🥳 My extreme thanks and love to you all are boundless! ❤️
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