What You Didn't Know

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It's not like what you think it is.

It's not what it's look like.

I'm hurt. But my lips keep smiling.


They think we're okay. They saw we're happy.

They only know your pain, not mine.

Because I always smiling.

Even you didn't know my pain.

Please don't hate me. I just write without proof read and any storyline planned.


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Chapter 5: Wow angst after angst after angst and angst this is full blown angst hahaha Mina tsk tsk tsk
I'm currently reading the comments so it's gonna be angst ok ^_^v
Cipanisme220 #3
Chapter 5: Jeongmi ?

Mina, how could you done that to jeongyeon? T_T
Am i evil if i want to see Mina feel pains like Jeongyeon did?

Please let someone takes away Jeongyeon's pains. please put Bona in so Mina feel jealous and realise she's still in love with jeongie. :(

Or will the story be angsty all the time? :(
jeong1412 #4
Chapter 5: Reading this at 4 am is not a good thing ( TДT)
jeong1412 #5
Chapter 4: Wth Mina? You were questioning why you two were drifting apart??? You're the one who broke her for godsake :(
Chapter 3: Damn my heart
Ashasdfghjkl #7
Chapter 3: Dude. I feel really bad about Jeongyeon. A lot of 'Once' doesn't really care about her. I hope she will be okay ?
jeong1412 #8
Chapter 3: Damnnn, I know most of the parts is real but it feels like all of this chapter is real tho :'(
jeong1412 #9
Chapter 2: :(